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Testo delle canzoni: Fractured brain

  • Artista: Covey
  • Album: Some Cats Live, Some Cats Die
  • Traduzioni: Francese

Fractured brain

Fractured brain
When did you give in?
Split yourself in two
Split that weathered skin
That's been overcooked
And then thrown away
Fractured brain
You need help, my friend
There's a sewing kit
Underneath my bed
That might fix you up
'Til you break again
Fractured brain
You misled me here
Filled my head with smoke
Built an atmosphere
That might compromise
Me and my cloudy eyes
Fractured brain
I don't want to trust
A single word you say
I listened once before
Now I'm lying up
On the chopping block
Leather brain
You replaced my friend
You don't talk the same
You don't talk at all
You're just empty fill
So my head won't cave in
Fractured brain
How I miss you so
Two years I've been dead
With not much to show
For a dream-filled life
That was doomed right from the start
Postato da Dreamy_RavenDreamy_Raven Ven, 12/08/2022 - 06:55


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