Coyotes (traduzione in Inglese)

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I love you, in a very strange way that when I tell it
I notice something submerged in the depth of my thought
That dances with me to sleep
In my dreams I see you
Like an open wound
Immune to time
I'm almost nude and I fear if I'm convinced, I'd go out looking for you
The proper scenario may not be so late and even can save you from the storm
For you I take spoonfuls of what you can leave
You go
And like the hunting dogs
Seeking their prey
I run after you
Covered in dirt and mud when I watch you like an animal
I take advantage of the wind to hide my lament in a fancy way
Followed by your step and I don't care that dark sky comes and now I don't fear it
Till the young sky starts to rain
Till the young sky starts to rain
And it will be the smell of the wet land
The obvious proof
That you have of me
It will be the smell of wet land
The obvious proof
That you will use against me
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From Egypt with love, Tito

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