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Täna tundub, et kriitik on joobund,
nüüd ta armastab üht näitlejat.
Jäägu vihjed, ta lihtsalt on loobund,
pole temast nüüd võistlejat.
Tema naeratab, nuusutab lille,
tema seekord ei vastuta.
Miski murdis, tal puudutas hinge,
nüüd vaid laulab, ei kirjuta.
Ah, võtke see kunst enda kanda!
Mina olen vaid nautleja.
Seda ilu saab nii lihtsalt tunda
ega pea üldse näitlema.
Mis teha, kui kriitik on joobund?
Mitte veinist, kuid võib-olla ka.
Mis teha, see pole veel möödund,
tehke nii, et ta kaineks ei saa!
Meie hulgas üks juuatäis kriitik.
See, kes kippus just kaklema.
Tema pärast on niigi meil piinlik,
see siia kõrtsu küll enam ei saa.
[Vat nii! Häh! Igavene kakupunn! Kebi minema! Mine tänavale! Kakle seal, kui tahad! Meie sinuga tegemist enam ei tee. Vaata, milline nägu sul peas endal on. Haaah! Tuleb siia ja kukub hüppama igaühega (kui vaja?). Ei ole vaja, mine, kriba, kus tahad! Oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oi... . . . Anna minna, poisid. Natukene (veel?) . . .]
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Proceed with caution because the author of these words (probably), this band's frontman seems to have done himself in in 2007.

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traduzione in Inglese

The Critic

Today it seems that the critic is besotted,
now he loves a certain actor.
Let the hints be, he's just given up,
there is no fighter of him anymore.
He smiles, sniffs a flower,
this time he doesn't answer for anything.
Something broke it, touched his soul,
now he only sings, he won't write.
Oh, take the art and carry it yourselves.
I'm just here to enjoy1.
One can experience this beauty so easily
and doesn't have to act at all.
What to do when a critic is besotted?
Not with wine... but it actually might be so.
What to do?! It hasn't passed yet.
Take care that he won't be sober again!
There is a drunken critic among us.
The one who was just prone to fight.
We had felt embarrassed for him already and still do.
He won't get to this pub anymore.
[Be it so! Hah! You quarreller! Get lost! Go to the streets. Quarrell there if you want to! We don't want to have anything to do with you anymore! Look at the face/expression you have right now! Haah! Comes here and starts to jump on2 anyone (if he needs to?). There is no need, go and scribble where you want! Well-well-well-well... Give it [to him], boys! Just a bit (more) . . .]
  • 1. or maybe "just an aesthete"
  • 2. kinda "to boast"
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