David Pack - Prove me wrong

  • Artista: David Pack
  • Traduzioni: Francese, Spagnolo

Prove me wrong

Livin' in the darkness
Sleepin' in the light of day
Waitin' on the bad luck to pass
When there ain't no other way
The strong will carry on
While the weak get trampled down
The only way to know yourself
Is when the hard times come around
Though I may be down and out
But you best not believe.
I could fall down twenty flights
And still land on my feet
Just prove me wrong
Gotta prove me wrong
You can't tie me down to one place
There's fire in my feet
And I'll be right at home again
Anywhere on the street
Take my freedom from me
Put me where I don't belong
And I will come back twice as strong
Just prove me wrong
Just prove me wrong
Girl, when I wake up in the morning
Everything's lookin' bad to me
Gonna find a place that I can live
On my own terms and my own way
Raised up from this street
I've learned the way things have to be
I will rise above this wall that
Stands in front of me
Just prove me wrong
Lead me to the edge of everything that I desire
Let the passion burn in me
Like the flames of fire
Throw me in the deep end
Try to hold me down too long
And I will come back twice as strong
Yeah, got... prove me wrong
Oh, prove it to me
Just prove me wrong
Well then, prove me, prove me wrong
Come on, prove me wrong
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