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Демобилизация (Demobilizatsia) (traduzione in Inglese)

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Riding home on a train
Joy is pumping through my veins
Joy is pumping, I feel great
No more sergeants, no commands
No one yelling move your ass
I will meet you soon, my dear
Whisper love words in your ear,
You will wipe your tears away.
I will take a look around
At my good old native town
We will walk beneath the sky
With my future wife beside.
What a lovely promenade.
I will dare kiss this beauty
Cause I'll get no extra duties
We will drink in fancy restaurants
Not afraid of getting wasted
Never mind what people say.
Even if we get arrested
We’re now battle tested
That’s my stop, I’m off the train
Joy is pumping through my veins
I’m at home, I feel great
Taken off all decorations
Here’s to this big occasion
Questa è una traduzione poetica. Ci possono essere degli scostamenti rispetto all'originale (parole in più, informazioni mancanti o aggiuntive, concetti modificati ecc.).
Postato da WoroneschWoronesch 2022-12-09
Commenti dell’autore:

As I saw the original translation by SaintMark hasnt been updated in a while because hes gone - I decided to make a translation that rhymes better in english. A fully updated one without my poetic free thinking is on its way soon too.

But now to my actual comment on the song:

Demobilzatsiya is a song I hold very dear to me, it being a significant event in the life of every man and woman who served with the russian forces, and as the word is dear and understandable to almost every russian family, one of the many songs that Yuri wrote which is about the life of ordinary people, lovely!!

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