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traduzione in Inglese


To shut up: ricin
To clean up the clothes: Omo
For a long travel: Jet
For difficult calculations: calculators
For the tire that's wrecked: alligator
For the pantalona pants: nesga cloth
To jump the waves: coast
For the pencil to have a tip: pencil sharpener
For Pará and Amazonas: latex
To stop at the Pamplona: Assis
To bring to the surface: a man who dives 1
For the best olive: Iberia
For the bride's gift: marzipan
For Adidas: the national Conga 2
For autumn: the leave, exclusion
For under the shade: sunshade
For all the things: dictionary
For they to get ready: patience
For the pillowcase to sleep: madrigal 3
To play on the seesaw: two
To make a cap: hair curlers
To drink a Coke: drops 4
For the soup to heat: degrees
For the light on the slash: two hundred and twenty volts
For the watchmen on patrol: cofee
To clean the blackboard: eraser
For the kiss of the lady: taste
For a very hoarse voice: mint
For the color purple: coffins
For the galloches: Verlon 2
To be a mother: watermelon
For the rose to deflorate: season
To turn up the victrola: saturday
For the spring bed: guest
To lock the door well: padlock
What is the meaning of the wheel cover: Volkswagen
For those who don't wake up: bucket
For the confusing letter: notebook
To seem younger: Avon
For the exam days: amnesia
For the popcorns to pop: noise
For those who drown: styrofoam
To take you to school: driving
For the days off: boyfriend
For the car which flipped: winch
To close a bet: patron
For anyone who behaves: toast
For the woman who aborts: home
To know the answer: See the back side
To choose the compote: Jundiaí
For the girl who put on weight: Hipofagin 5
For the Orca food: krill
For the phone that rings
For water there in the puddle
For the table that will be put
For you, the things that you like:
  • 1. At the first moment, I didn't understand "homem-rã", and translated it literally to "frogman". After watching the music video of the song, I discovered it means "diver" in English. Therefore, I changed the word.
  • 2. a. b. Both Conga and Verlon are kinds of shoes popular in Brazil sometime ago
  • 3. According to Wikipedia, a madrigal is a secular vocal music composition, usually a partsong, of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. Traditionally, polyphonic madrigals are unaccompanied; the number of voices varies from two to eight, and most frequently from three to six.
  • 4. The song is made mainly of comparisons between things people do in ther days with things that can be done in order to make them better. "Having drops after drinking Coke would be better" is actually what this sentence is saying
  • 5. Weight loss drug
Translation done by Alma Barroca. In case you want to reprint it, please ask for permission first and always cite my name as its author. /
Tradução feita por Alma Barroca. Caso você queira reutilizá-la, por favor peça por permissão antes e sempre cite meu nome como o do autor.
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