Down to Earth

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Traduzioni idiomatiche di “Down to Earth”

con i piedi per terra; semplice
senza grilli per la testa
Con i piedi per terra
Stąpać twardo po ziemi
materialist, prozaic, comun
Biti s obe noge na zemlji.
ติดดิน (tid-din)
auf dem Boden bleiben / bodenständig sein
ayakları yere sağlam basmak
maddeci olmak

Meanings of "Down to Earth"


sensible, practical, straightforward, modest

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Someone who is very practical, sensible, reserved in their manner. Their manner is their thoughts, words, and actions.

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(to be) realistic and practical
Example: You’re leaving school before you graduate? I don’t think you know what you’re doing. Are you sure you
have both feet on the ground?

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فروتن باش
و سربزیر

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“Down to Earth” nei testi

Jack Stauber - Baby Hotline

Still time to do it too
Baby snack time
Chow down to earth but in your head

Sexion d'Assaut - That's my direction

And you, mate, follow us if you like
Determined, we leave for the front line, without an armour
Those more down-to-earth say we are heading for a disaster
And my folks/parents have no idea what I do, they say I sleep

Dvicio - Fall In love

all in a cloud of the color of the sky...
Fall in love, you, you, again,
down to Earth and touch with your fingers,
the water of the sea.

Oliver Tree - Alien Boy

I won't be here long at all

I fell down to earth
From a hundred miles away and somehow

Roselia (BanG Dream!) - FIRE BIRD

You always have refulgent dreams that light.

Lachrymal dolour by the down-to-earth
Plangent decision due to a dearth

Panagiotis Psaltis - My angel

My angel, if you come down to earth
I want us to speak
I am waiting for you to give me advice
on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages.

Sido - Mom is proud

I don't have a job, but mom puts trust in my rap, yeah
I steal, don't give a shit about women and take drugs
But mom can trust me, I stay down to earth
I failed school and I did it worse than anyone else

Demarco Flamenco - The island of love

The girl has left and she sinks her teeth into me
Take it, you want war, you can have war
Take off your clothes so that we can come down to earth
In that paper boat, we will travel you and I

Peter Jöback - Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night, Oh holy moment for the world
when the son of God went down to earth
to reconcile the worlds crimes and sins,

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Brazilian National Anthem

Hail! Hail!
Brazil, an intense dream, a lively ray
Of love and hope comes down to earth,
If in your beauteous, laughing and limpid sky

Weki Meki - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

Just a few words from her got you all excited
Hurry and come back down to earth
You need a reality check right now

Alejandro Sanz - Don't compare me

Where you met him
Don't compare me
I came down to earth on a paintbrush for you

Ricardo Arjona - Jesus is a verb not a noun

My brothers, Jesus is a verb not a noun

Jesus don't come down to earth stay up there
All those who thought like you are lying down now

JoJo Siwa - Every Girl's A Super Girl

Friendly, relatable
Like diamonds, unbreakable
Down to earth, we run the world
Every girl's a super girl

Nekfeu - Princess

How many have burnt their wings?
Come back down to earth, tell me what you're playing

Unheilig - Servant Rupert

Take a rest from the chase of life

And tomorrow I'll fly down to earth
For it will be Christmas again

Colonel Reyel - The One

As for the rest I'll spare it to you, yeah I'll spare it to you
Two or three kisses, a hug under the blanket and paf
Wow, I'd better go down to earth
I don't even have your phone number yet

Téléphone - Another world

I was dreaming of another earth
That would remain a mystery
An earth less down to earth
Yes I wanted to screw it all

Röyksopp - Sordid Affair

There was a time
Dark and devine
Exciting and new,
shameful and true

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Those Who Right-Think

<em>medio</em> = middle.
<em>ceto medio</em> = middle class.[/fn]
simplistic like the missiles they resemble.[fn]<em>terra terra</em> {earth earth} = down to earth, prosaic; here it is derogatory, to describe a person who is overly simplistic, too materialistic and ignorant.
<em>missile terra-terra</em> = ground-to-ground missile.