Annett Louisan - Drück die 1 (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Press the 1

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You don't dialed the wrong number
I just connected my heart with my phone and my pc
If you want to tell me now
That you cry for me
Press the 1!
If you want to ask me
If I'm still upset
If we can meet for
a restart or who knows What else hypocrisy:
Press the 2!
Do you need help with the question
How I feel in my situation
If I have feelings for you or resentment
How much I should believe you
And how often that should happen
Press the 0!
Where are your things
Where you can sleep
Cause you don't know where to go
And I should pick you up from the police department
Press the 4!
If you have problems
With your new wife
Is your money away
Is your hair grey
Is it the loneliness that bugs you
Press the 8!
Do you want to do me a favor
And spare my nerves
Then just press the button with the red little phone!
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Drück die 1

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