Assia - Elle est à toi (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

She's yours

She's yours
But know you'll lose her
if you just let her there
instead of taking care of her
Alone, you have the faith
Everytime she arouses
exceptional joy to jou
When, alone, you take care of her
Mountains of problems
rise around her
Lies and anger
destroyed her dreams
She, so young, she, so strong
Beautiful but alone,
she supports her pain
She has't got marks anymore
Alone, raises her kid
in a vipers' nest
lives an awful life
She just thinks about her, spends
In an only direction
Even forgets
that she has given birth
Why, why, why, everything collapses under her steps ?
Happiness never embraced her
At her age, the others are already between their sheets ( in their bed)
At her age, we don't do what she's doing alone downstairs
Acts like a man, so young, though so strong
No one (there) so that she'll understand, that she's's dragging herself
That, despite herself, she's lead on a wrong path
Why these barriers?
Between daughter and mother?
Very short loves
Misery, bitter lifes
They ignore each other
They adore each other
They resemble
One trembles for the other
Is this the absence of a father
That disturbs this child
Or the lack of love from a mother
Even more frustrating ?
Even rebel, she calls you
She's yours
Don't forget : She's got only you for example
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Elle est à toi

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Elle éveille chaque fois en toi
Des joies exceptionnelles
→ Every time she arouses