La Fouine - Elle venait du ciel (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

she came from sky

and if you're believing that her dreams belong to you
you're living without any sleep
she came from where all the disappointed people are bleeding
she came from sky
she came from sky she she
a fairy a wizard she she
anh anh yeah yeah yeah
she came from sky
to all the people around her she gave some sky
to poorest people than us she gave some salt
locked in my cell brother she gave me wings
i come from the sky and stars between them speak only about up-hold ( holdup ou stickup for bracage )
musician i cannot move my hands anymore the handcuffs are striking me
she said keep straight ligne
rough and stay here
i have my cap by the windows i don't listen " l'haounitrop da? " anymore
reserved teenager too much often anger
school failure reduced to bungle his life
where you go i'll follow you we swore
armed, he threads me and i beg him to shoot
if the street'd make people happy i'd be bill cosby
i'm in the mess since the tam tam
i sell since the cobi
to all guys who are starved who're looking for a
bit of sky
i rethink about you with closed eyes
i'm waiting for your breath to bring me away
i have my hands empty and my heart eager for you for you
if you knowned how much i loved you
my two arms's hostage forever
i have my hands empty and my heart eager for you
éh éh éh
i could let down tam tam rapapapam
yeah i'm falling give me wings
in the set of my life i'm seeking for a piece of sky
you cried often in figuring our life in better way
we close our eyes when dying but only death open our eyes up
yeah first distique last breath
even with huge parfum but it stinks food
it smells oil and frying oil
i 'm born in trape that smell the dick and sting
if only the neighbour above stopped selling drug
if only hamidou didn't take this moto
if only morad didn't leave us too soon
i'm hurt and often i see them in my dreams
none tatoos on my skins i'm still adam'n eve
sick in my head she gave me wings
when you have never knowned vinegar how appreciate honey?
and i thing about you again with closed eyes
i'm waiting that your breathe take me away
my hands are empty and my heart eager for you
if you knowned how much i loved you
my two arms's hostage forever
hé hé héhé
i could let down tamtam
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Elle venait du ciel

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