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Testi di Encanto (OST)

Titolo della canzone, Album, Lingua
À Espera de um Milagre [Waiting on a Miracle] (European Portuguese)PortogheseSpagnolo
A Família Madrigal [The Family Madrigal] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
A Madrigal család [The Family Madrigal]Ungherese
All Of YouInglese
All of You (Novin)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
Alla vi [All Of You]SvedeseInglese
Alle jer [All Of You]DaneseInglese
Allemaal, helemaal [All Of You]OlandeseInglese
Áp lực từ bên trong [Surface Pressure]Vietnamita
Apa Dayaku? [What Else Can I Do?]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Apa lagi yang bisa aku lakukan? [What Else Can I Do?]Indonesiano
Ärme räägime Brunost [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Estone
Așteptând miracolul [Waiting On A Miracle]RumenoInglese
Az a fény [All of You]Ungherese
Aðeins þú [All of You]Islandese
Baskı [Surface Pressure]Turco
Beklerim Bir Mucize [Waiting on a Miracle]Turco
Bez stresa [Surface Pressure]Croato
Bírom én [Surface Pressure]Ungherese
Bið bara eftir undrinu [Waiting On A Miracle]IslandeseInglese
Bruno'dan Bahsetmeyin [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Turco
Cała ty, cały ty [All Of You]PolaccoTraslitterazione
Ce pot să mai fac [What Else Can I Do?]RumenoInglese
Chcieć znaczy móc [What Else Can I Do?]PolaccoItaliano
Có Nhau Rồi [All of You]Vietnamita
Colombia, Mi EncantoSpagnolo
Colombia, Mi Encanto (Soundo)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
Cos'altro farò? [What Else Can I Do?]ItalianoInglese
Csoda vár [Waiting on a Miracle]UnghereseInglese
Daha ne yapayım? [What Else Can I Do?]TurcoInglese
Das seid ihr [All Of You]Tedesco
Dat zijn wij [All Of You]Dialetti Olandesi
De familie Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Olandese
Encanto (Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack)
De familie Madrigal [The Family Madrigal] (Flemish)Dialetti Olandesi
Dos OruguitasSpagnolo
Dost už Presu [Surface Pressure]Ceco
Druck [Surface Pressure]TedescoInglese
Dúfam v môj dar magický [Waiting On A Miracle]Slovacco
En lo profundo/Peso [Surface Pressure]SpagnoloInglese
Estou Nervosa [Surface Pressure] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Familia Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]RumenoInglese
Família Madrigal [The Family Madrigal] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Familie Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Tedesco
Familien Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]DaneseInglese
Familien Madrigal [The Family Madrigal] (Norwegian)Norvegese
Familjen Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]SvedeseInglese
Fjölskyldan Madrígal [The Family Madrigal]Islandese
Gaidot Klusi Brīnumu [Waiting On A Miracle]LettoneInglese
Geen woord over Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]OlandeseInglese
Hele deg [All Of You]NorvegeseInglese
Hepiniz [All of You]Turco
Hva mer får jeg til? [What Else Can I Do?]Norvegese
Hvad mere mon jeg kunne? [What Else Can I Do?]DaneseInglese
Hvað get ég næst gert? [What Else Can I Do?]Islandese
Inspiración [What Else Can I Do?]SpagnoloInglese #1 #2
J'attends le miracle [Waiting on a Miracle]FranceseInglese
Jag gör vad jag kan [What Else Can I Do] SvedeseInglese
Jangan bicara tentang si Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]IndonesianoInglese
Jokainen [All of You]Finlandese
Encanto (Alkuperäinen Soundtrack)
Inglese #1 #2
Kalian semua [All Of You]Indonesiano
Keluarga Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Indonesiano
Ko vēl varu spēt? [What Else Can I Do?]Lettone
La famiglia Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]ItalianoInglese
La familia Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]SpagnoloInglese
La famille Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]FranceseInglese
La mine-n suflet [Surface Pressure]Rumeno
La pressione sale [Surface Pressure]ItalianoInglese
Làm Khác Đi Thì Sao [What Else Can I Do?]Vietnamita
Licząc na cud [Waiting on a Miracle]PolaccoInglese
Mä yksin ootan ihmettä [Waiting on a Miracle]FinlandeseInglese
Madrigal Ailesi [The Family Madrigal]Turco
Enkanto: Sihirli Dünya Film Müzikleri
Madrigāli [The Family Madrigal]Lettone
Me ei mainita Brunoo [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Finlandese
Encanto (Alkuperäinen Soundtrack)
Menanti Kesaktian [Waiting On A Miracle]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Menunggu keajaiban [Waiting on a Miracle]Indonesiano
Mis teeksin ma veel? [What Else Can I Do?]Estone
Mit rejteget még? [What Else Can I Do?]Ungherese
Mitt underverk [Waiting on a Miracle]Svedese
Encanto Swedish OST
Näin uutta mä teen [What else can I do?]Finlandese
Encanto (Alkuperäinen Soundtrack)
Não Falamos do Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Não Falamos do Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (European Portuguese)PortogheseSpagnolo
Ne parlons pas de Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]FranceseInglese
Nemoj spominjat Brunu [We Don't Talk About Bruno]CroatoInglese
Nerunājam par Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Lettone
Nespomína sa Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]SlovaccoInglese
Nešto čudesno [Waiting on a Miracle]CroatoInglese
Nezačínej s tím Brunem [We Don't Talk About Bruno]CecoInglese
Nhà Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Vietnamita
Nie mówimy o Brunie [We Don't Talk About Bruno]PolaccoEsperanto
No fundo, sempre [Surface Pressure] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
No se habla de Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]SpagnoloEsperanto
Non si nomina Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]ItalianoInglese
Nu vorbim despre Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]RumenoInglese
Nur kein Wort über Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]TedescoInglese
O Que Mais Me Faltou? [What Else Can I Do?] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Obitelj Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Croato
Oodates üht imet vaid [Waiting On A Miracle]EstoneInglese
Paine [Surface Pressure]FinlandeseInglese #1 #2
Pentru Voi [All of you]RumenoInglese
Perekond Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Estone
Perhe Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Finlandese
Encanto (Alkuperäinen Soundtrack)
Inglese #1 #2
Permukaan [Surface Pressure]Indonesiano
Pour la vie [All Of You]FranceseInglese
Praat hier niet over Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Flemish Version)Olandese
Praat hier niet over Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Dialetti Olandesi
Práve vy [All of You]Slovacco
Presja [Surface Pressure]PolaccoTraslitterazione
Presset [Surface Pressure]DaneseInglese
Presset [Surface Pressure] (Norwegian)Norvegese
Que Mais Vou Fazer? [What Else Can I Do?] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Que sais-je faire d'autre? [What Else Can I Do?]FranceseInglese
Rod jménem Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Ceco
Rod s názvom Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Slovacco
Rodzina Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]PolaccoTraslitterazione
Sekilas Pandang [Surface Pressure]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Snáď zvládnem aj viac [What Else Can I Do?]Slovacco
Snakker Ikke Om Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]NorvegeseFilippino/Tagalog
Só Um Milagre Pode Me Ajudar [Waiting on a Miracle] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Solo tú [All Of You]SpagnoloInglese
Sous les apparences [Surface Pressure]FranceseInglese
Spolu být [All of You]Ceco
Sterk zijn [Surface Pressure]OlandeseOlandese
Sterk zijn [Surface Pressure] (Flemish)Dialetti Olandesi
Što još mogu sad? [What Else Can I Do?]Croato
Surface PressureInglese
Surface Pressure (In 27 Languages)Inglese, Portoghese, Spagnolo, Cinese, Danese, Olandese, Estone, Filippino/Tagalog, Francese, Greco, Ebraico, Ungherese, Giapponese, Coreano, Malese, Norvegese, Polacco, Rumeno, Russo, Serbo, Slovacco, Svedese, Turco, Cinese (Cantonese), Dialetti Olandesi, Georgiano, IslandeseTraslitterazione
Tam, kdesi vnútri [Surface Pressure]Slovacco
Teie kõik [All of You]Estone
The Family MadrigalInglese
Tiltott név itt a Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]UnghereseInglese
Todos Nós [All Of You] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Tutti voi [All Of You]ItalianoInglese
Un miracolo [Waiting on a Miracle]ItalianoInglese
Un regalo mágico [Waiting on a Miracle]SpagnoloInglese
Under ytan [Surface Pressure]Svedese
Encanto (Svenskt Original SoundtracK)
Undir niðri [Surface Pressure]Islandese
Ước Chi Có Đôi Chút Phép Màu [Waiting On A Miracle]VietnamitaInglese
Usah Ungkit Hal Bruno [We Don’t Talk About Bruno]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Venter et mirakel [Waiting on a Miracle]Norvegese
Venter på miraklet sker [Waiting on a Miracle]DaneseInglese
Vi pratar inte om Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]SvedeseInglese
Vi taler ikke om Bruno [We don't talk about Bruno]DaneseInglese
Við tölum ekki um Brúnó [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Islandese
Vocês [All Of You] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseInglese
Vždyť já umím víc [What Else Can I Do?]CecoInglese
Wachten op een wonder [Waiting on a Miracle]OlandeseInglese
Wachten op een wonder [Waiting on a Miracle] (Flemish)Dialetti OlandesiInglese
Waiting On A MiracleInglese
Waiting On A Miracle (Bulgarian)BulgaroInglese
Warga Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Wargaku [All Of You]Malese
Encanto (Bahasa Malaysia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Warten, dass ein Wunder kommt [Waiting on a Miracle]TedescoInglese
Was kann ich noch tun? [What Else Can I Do?]TedescoInglese
Wat kan ik nog meer? [What Else Can I Do?]Olandese
Encanto (Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack)
Wat kan ik nog meer? [What Else Can I Do?] (Flemish)Dialetti Olandesi
We Don't Talk About BrunoInglese
We Don't Talk About Bruno (In 21 Languages)Inglese, Portoghese, Spagnolo, Bulgaro, Cinese, Danese, Olandese, Francese, Tedesco, Greco, Ungherese, Italiano, Giapponese, Coreano, Malese, Norvegese, Polacco, Russo, Tailandese, VietnamitaInglese
What Else Can I Do?Inglese
Xin Đừng Nhắc Gì Tới Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Vietnamita
Za sve vas [All Of You]Croato
Zázrak, co mě nepotká [Waiting On A Miracle]Ceco
Άγχος [Surface Pressure] (Ánkhos)GrecoInglese
Δεν μιλούν για τον Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Ðen miloún jia ton Bruno)GrecoInglese
Καρτερώ το θαύμα μου [Waiting on a Miracle] (Karteró to thav́ma mou)GrecoInglese
Οικογένεια Μαδριγάλ [The Family Madrigal] (Oikoyénia Madhrigál)GrecoInglese
Όλοι εσείς εδώ [All of You] (Óloi esís edhó)GrecoInglese
Τι άλλο μπορώ; [What Else Can I Do?] (Ti Állo Boró;)GrecoInglese
А що я зроблю? [What Else Can I Do?] (A shcho ya zroblyu?)Ucraino
Ані слова про Бруно [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Ani slova pro Bruno)UcrainoInglese
Бруно жайлы айтпаймыз [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Bruno jaily aitpaimyz)KazakoTraslitterazione
Волшебство [Waiting on a Miracle] (Volshebstvo)RussoInglese
Дива прагну [Waiting on a Miracle] (Dyva prahnu)UcrainoInglese
Күтемін бір ғажапты [Waiting on a Miracle] (Kütemin bir ğajaptı)KazakoTraslitterazione
Мадригальдар отбасы [The Family Madrigal] (Madrigalʹdar otbasy)Kazako
Мен көтеремін бәрін [Surface Pressure] (Men köteremin bärin)Kazako
Моји сви [All of You] (Moji svi)Serbo
На самом деле [Surface Pressure] (Na samom dele)RussoInglese
Наше родство [All Of You] (Nashe rodstvo)Russo
Не Говорим За Бруно [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Ne Govorim Za Bruno)BulgaroInglese
Не упоминай Бруно [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Ne upominay Bruno)Russo
Traslitterazione #1 #2
Нема приче о Бруну [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Nema priče o Brunu)Serbo
Нерви [Surface Pressure] (Nervy)Ucraino
Осы күн [All Of You] (Osy kün)Kazako
Сім'я Мадриґал [The Family Madrigal] (Sim'ya Madrygal)Ucraino
Семейство Мадригаль [The Family Madrigal] (Semeystvo Madrigalʹ)Russo
Стисак [Surface Pressure] (Stisak)Serbo
Това е платно [What Else Can I Do?] (Tova e platno)Bulgaro
Тут Усі [All of You] (Tut Usi)Ucraino
Фамилија Мадригал [The Family Madrigal] (Familija Madrigal)Serbo
Чекајући чудо [Waiting on a Miracle] (Čekajući čudo)Serbo
Что я могу? [What Else Can I Do?] (Chto ya mogu?)Russo
Шта још може ту? [What Else Can I Do?] (Šta još može tu?)Serbo
Қайтсем екен? [What Else Can I Do?] (Qaī̆tsem eken?)Kazako
אל תזכירי את ברונו [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Al tazkiri et Bruno)Ebraico
יש עוד לגלות [What Else Can I Do?] (Yesh od Legalot)Ebraico
از تو [Surface Pressure] (Soundo) (Az Too)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
خانواده مادریگال [The Family Madrigal] (Novin) (Khanevadeye Madrigal)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
خانواده مادریگال [The Family Madrigal] (Soren) (Khanevadeye Madrigal)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
خونواده‌ی مادریگال [The Family Madrigal] (Alpha Media) (Khoonevadeye Madrigal)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
خونواده‌ی مادریگال [The Family Madrigal] (Soundo) (khoonevadeye Madrigal)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکنتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
دو ابریشم [Dos Orugitas] (Glory) (Do Abrisham)Persiano
(استودیو گلوری (انکانتو | Studio Glory (Encanto)
دو پروانه Dos Orugitas] (Soundo)] (Do Parvane)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
دو پروانه [Dos Oruguitas] (Soren) (Do Parvane)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
دیگه چی دارم؟ [What Else Can I Do?] (Alpha Media) (Dige Chi Daram)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
زیر این پوسته [Surface Pressure] (Novin) (Zire In Pooste)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
فشار از درون [Surface Pressure] (Alpha Media) (Feshar Az Daroon)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
معجزه میاد [Waiting on a Miracle] (Soren) (Mo'jeze Miad)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
منتظر معجزه [Waiting on a Miracle] (Alpha Media) (Montazere Mo'jeze)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
منتظر معجزه [Waiting on a Miracle] (Novin) (Montazere Mo'jeze)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
منتظر معجزه [Waiting on a Miracle] (Soundo) (Montazere Mo'jeze)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
نمی‌زنیم حرفی از برونو [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Novin) (Nemizanim Harfi Az Bruno)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
نگاهی از نو [What Else Can I Do?] (Soren) (Negahi Az No)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
نگو راجع به برونو [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Alpha Media) (Nagoo Raje' Be Bruno)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
نگو راجع به برونو [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Soundo) (Nagoo Raje' Be Bruno)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
همه‌تون [All of You] (Alpha Media) (Hamatoon)Persiano
(استودیو آلفا مدیا (انکانتو | Studio Alpha Media (Encanto)
همه‌تون [All of You] (Soren) (Hamatoon)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
همه‌تون [All of You] (Soundo) (Hamatoon)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکنتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
پشت این ظاهر [Surface Pressure] (Soren) (Poshte In Zaher)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
چیزی نمی‌گیم از برونو [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Soren) (Chizi Nemigim Az Bruno)Persiano
استودیو سورن (انکانتو) | Studio Soren (Encanto)
چی‌کار می‌تونم بکنم؟ [?What Else Can I Do] (Soundo) (Chikar Mitoonam Bokonam)Persiano
استودیو ساندو (انکانتو) | Studio Soundo (Encanto)
چی‌کار می‌تونم بکنم؟ [What Else Can I Do?] (Novin) (Chikar Mitoonam Bokonam)Persiano
مؤسسه آوای نوین هنر (انکانتو) | Novin Record (Encanto)
کم نمی‌آرم [Surface Pressure] (Glory) (Kam Nemiyaram)Persiano
(استودیو گلوری (انکانتو | Studio Glory (Encanto)
एक करिश्मा [Waiting on a Miracle] (Ek Karishma)HindiInglese
और क्या मैं करूं? [What Else Can I Do?] (Aur kya main karoon?)HindiInglese
तुम ही हो [All Of You] (Tum Hi Ho)HindiInglese
दिखे ना ऊपर [Surface Pressure] (Dikhe Na Upar)HindiInglese
ब्रूनो का नाम, ना तुम लो [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Bruno ka Naam, Na Tum lo)HindiInglese
यह फैमिली है माध्रिगाल [The Family Madrigal] (Yeh Family Hai Madrigal)HindiInglese
உள்ளத்தின் உள்ளே [Surface Pressure] (Ullatthin Ulle)TamilInglese
நீயே தான் [All of You] (Neeye Thaan)TamilInglese
மாத்ரிகால் குடும்பம் [The Family Madrigal] (Madrigal kudumbam)Tamil
வேண்டாமே அந்த ப்ரூனோ [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Vendaame andha Bruno)TamilInglese
வேண்டும் எந்தன் வரமே [Waiting On A Miracle] (Vendum endhan varame)TamilInglese
வேறென்ன செய்வேன்? [What Else Can I Do?] (Verenna Seivaen?)TamilInglese
ఇంకేం చెయ్యాలి [What Else Can I Do?] (Inkem cheyyali)TeluguTraslitterazione
ఎప్పుడొచ్చును మాయ [Waiting On A Miracle] (Eppudocchunu maaya)Telugu
మాటే తీయొద్దు బృనో [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Mate Teeyoddhu Bruno)TeluguTraslitterazione
మాద్రిగల్ కుటుంబం [The Family Madrigal] (Madrigal kutumbam)Telugu
మీరంతా [All of You] (Meerantha)Telugu
ముసుగు కింద [Surface Pressure] (Musugu kinda)Telugu
ครอบครัวมาดรีกัล [The Family Madrigal] (Krôp kruua Madrigal)TailandeseTraslitterazione
คือพวกเธอ [All Of You] (Keu pûuak ter)TailandeseTraslitterazione
ทำได้ใช่ไหมเล่า [What Else Can I Do?] (Tam dâai châi măi lâo)TailandeseTraslitterazione
รอวันปาฏิหาริย์จะมา [Waiting on a Miracle] (Ror wan bpaa-dtì-hăan jà maa)TailandeseInglese
เราไม่พูดกันเรื่องบรูโน่ [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Rao mâi pôot gan rêuuang Bruno)TailandeseInglese
แรงดัน [Surface Pressure] (Raeng dan)TailandeseTraslitterazione
ველოდები სასწაულს [Waiting on a Miracle] (velodebi sasts’auls)Georgiano
მადრიგალების ოჯახი [The Family Madrigal] (madrigalebis ojakhi)Georgiano
სხვა რა უნდა ვქნა? [What Else Can I Do?] (skhva ra unda vkna?)GeorgianoInglese
ჩვენ არ ვახსენებთ ბრუნოს [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Chven ar vakhsenebt brunos)Georgiano
ჩვენ ყველა [All of You] (chven yvela)Georgiano
წნეხის ქვეშ მითჭირს [Surface Pressure] (ts’nekhis kvesh mitch’irs)Georgiano
ふしぎなマドリガル家 [The Family Madrigal] (Fushigina madorigaruka)GiapponeseCinese
不要提起布鲁诺 [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (China) (bù yào tí qǐ bù lǔ nuò)Cinese
魔法满屋 电影原声带
全都是 [All Of You] (Taiwan) (Quán dōu shì)Cinese
増していくプレッシャー [Surface Pressure] (Mashiteiku Puresshā)Giapponese
壓力 [Surface Pressure] (Taiwan) (Yā lì)Cinese
壓力層 [Surface Pressure] (Ngaat lik cang)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione #1 #2
奇跡はここに [All Of You] (Kiseki wa koko ni)Giapponese
奇跡を夢みて [Waiting on a Miracle] (Kiseki wo Yumemite)GiapponeseInglese
奇迹就是你 [All of you] (China) (qí jī jiù shì nǐ)Cinese
魔法满屋 电影原声带
憑雙手開創 [What Else Can I Do?] (Pang soeng sau hoi cong)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione
我們不提布魯諾 [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Taiwan) (Wǒ men bù tí bù lǔ nuò)CineseInglese
我还能做什么 [What Else Can I Do?] (China) (wǒ hái néng zuò shén me)Cinese
魔法满屋 电影原声带
我還能怎麼做 [What Else Can I Do?] (Taiwan) (Wǒ hái néng zěn me zuò)CineseInglese
本当のわたし [What Else Can I Do?] (Hontou no watashi)GiapponeseInglese
每一個 [All Of You] (Mui jat go)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione #1 #2
無人會提起般盧 [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Mou jan wui tai hei bun lou)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione #1 #2
秘密のブルーノ [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Himitsu no Bruno)GiapponeseInglese
等待奇蹟 [Waiting on a Miracle] (Dang doi kei zik)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione #1 #2
等待奇蹟 [Waiting on a Miracle] (Taiwan) (Děng dài qí jī)CineseInglese
等待奇迹 [Waiting on a Miracle] (China) (děng dài qí jī)Cinese
魔法满屋 中文原声带
表面压力 [Surface Pressure] (China) (biǎo miàn yā lì)Cinese
魔法满屋 电影原声带
馬瑞格家族 [The Family Madrigal] (Taiwan) (Mǎ ruì gé jiā zú)CineseInglese
马利加一家 [The Family Madrigal] (China) (mǎ lì jiā yī jiā)Cinese
魔法满屋 电影原声带
魔法家族 [The Family Madrigal] (Mo faat gaa zuk)Cinese (Cantonese)Traslitterazione #1 #2
기적을 기다려 [Waiting on a Miracle] (Gijeogeul gidaryeo)CoreanoInglese
다 함께 [All Of You] (Da hamgge)Coreano
또 뭘 만들까? [What Else I Can Do?] (Tto mwol mandeulkka?)Coreano
마드리갈 가족 [The Family Madrigal] (madeurigal gajok)Coreano
사실은 말이야 [Surface Pressure] (Sasileun maliya)CoreanoInglese
입에 담지마 브루노 [We Don't Talk About Bruno] (Ibe damjima beuluno)CoreanoInglese
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Track list:

Family Madrigal
Waiting on a Miracle
Surface Pressure
We Don't Talk About Bruno
What Else Can I Do?
Dos Orugitas
All of You

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