Maria Rita - Encontros e Despedidas (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Hellos and Good-byes

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Send me news from over there
Who’ll be staying
Come and embrace me
Hold me tight
I’m arriving
Freedom to leave is what I like
No planning
Better still is the freedom to arrive
When I want
Every day is coming and going
Life is repeating at the station
There are people arriving to stay
There are people leaving forever
There are people who want to depart
There are people who want to stay
There are people who just came to look
There are people laughing and crying
And so, arriving and leaving
Are only two sides
Of the same journey
The train that arrives
Is the same train that departs
The time to say hello
Is also the time for good-bye
The platform of this station
Is the life of this place of mine
The life of this place of mine
It’s life
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I love the song


Encontros e Despedidas

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