Jyve V - entre tu y yo (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Between you and I

Between the two of us,
There's something more
Than an illusion of a blue paradise
Kiss by kiss, fire by fire
You light up my desires
Child and woman
Rain of sun
For you, I've changed my loneliness solo
My thoughts are flying along with you
You've become my need
Only you (only you)
No one else has the key to my heart
Never go away, never leave me
All my dreams are dancing with your love
You'll always live (you will live)
Inside me, ever since that afternoon when
I met you
Each and every minute of my existence
I'll spend it loving you
Every place (every place)
Every song (every song)
Even the silence speaks about you (even the silence speaks about you)
On my pillow, I say your name; you're engraved inside me, just like a tattoo
Wherever you'll go, your memory accompanies me
I need you more and more, each passing moment
I'll love you forever, I'll love you forever
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entre tu y yo

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