Έρως ανίκατε μάχαν ( Αντιγόνη, Τρίτο Στάσιμο) (traduzione in Inglese)

Greek (Ancient)
Greek (Ancient)

Έρως ανίκατε μάχαν ( Αντιγόνη, Τρίτο Στάσιμο)

Ἔρως ἀνίκατε μάχαν,
Ἔρως, ὃς ἐν κτήμασι πίπτεις,
ὃς ἐν μαλακαῖς παρειαῖς
νεάνιδος ἐννυχεύεις,
φοιτᾷς δ᾽ ὑπερπόντιος ἔν τ᾽
ἀγρονόμοις αὐλαῖς·
καί σ᾽ οὔτ᾽ ἀθανάτων φύξιμος οὐδεὶς
οὔθ᾽ ἁμερίων σέ γ᾽ ἀνθρώ-
πων, ὁ δ᾽ ἔχων μέμηνεν.
σὺ καὶ δικαίων ἀδίκους
φρένας παρασπᾷς ἐπὶ λώβᾳ·
σὺ καὶ τόδε νεῖκος ἀνδρῶν
ξύναιμον ἔχεις ταράξας·
νικᾷ δ᾽ ἐναργὴς βλεφάρων
ἵμερος εὐλέκτρου
νύμφας, τῶν μεγάλων πάρεδρος ἐν ἀρχαῖς
θεσμῶν· ἄμαχος γὰρ ἐμπαί-
ζει θεὸς Ἀφροδίτα.
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Eros invincible in battles ( Antigone, Sophocles)

Eros invincible in battles
Eros, falling heavily on what you conquer
staying overnight over
the tender cheeks of a young woman
flying over seas
patrolling courtyards
Inescapable to both : Gods
and mortals, making them
lose their mind.
Even fair minds become unfair ones
having been dragged by you
this quarrel between these consanguineous men
Is caused by you
Winner is the vivid lust in the eyelashes
of the good in bed brides
You substitute the ancient institutional laws
since goddess Aphrodite is having fun
being herself out of battle.
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