A firm hand

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Meanings of "A firm hand"


strict control of someone or something

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Αυστηρός έλεγχος

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“A firm hand” nei testi

Kino - Kukushka (Cuckoo)

Have laid down their heads in the field of battle.
Few now remain with bright memory,
with a clear mind, even a firm hand in order*.
In order*.

Kino - The Cuckoo

Have laid down their heads in battle, in the fields.
Few now remain in memory, with a clear mind,
And a firm hand, in the ranks. Our ranks.

Thompson (Marko Perković) - Genes of stone

A firm hand and honesty
Holy water and baptism
Be a man, it's an honor
Be an image of your people

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Mal Bicho

those who look different?
imposing positions
only with a firm hand, (instrumental bridge, then CHORUS)
you have a coat

Kino - Cuckoo

Strong and brave heads they've put in the field, in the battle.
Few are still clearly remembered,
With a sober mind and a firm hand, marching,

Kino - The Cuckoo

Sacrificed their lives in the fields of battle.
Few are now left in hallowed memory,
In sober mind and with a firm hand in rank,
In rank.

Kino - Songbird

Have laid down their lives in battle, in the fields.
Few now remain who still remember, few with a clear mind,
And a firm hand, left in the ranks. In the ranks.

Aria - Blood of Kings

Above his head - a red dragon
On the blade of his sword, runic writing
The king ruled with a firm hand
The Word and the power of might, light and peace

Mystik - The Forbidden Fruit

Despite the criticism, the evil eye, we try to sew better than Singer
Our history is more beautiful than fabrics from Kairhouan
Our faith lowers mountains, to reach the top, you need a firm hand

Bourvil - The policeman's tactics

Taca taca tac tac tics
Is writing tickets
With a firm hand.

Tina York - The Old House

Father was always like a friend
Like a good friend
Who stood by us with a firm hand
Like a good friend

Bushido - To be like them

on her own she has raised him
she was there for him, she has sworn by her death
but what the boy was lacking was a firm hand
a mother can't bring things across like a father can

Extra 3 - Theresa May the "Grab-into-the-toilet-lady"

Re-elections didn't bring her any luck (No...)
But she's still shitting on resignation
Yo, she's running with a firm hand
The whole bloody ship against the wall..

Clueso - We want summer

Everyone just passed by mutely
Even without coals they heat
And just silentely greet with a firm hand
Everyone's only restricted to one's own thinking

Herman van Veen - If I was the King of the Netherlands

So for myself a palace would be exorbitant
From a house where I couldn't give a hunting party
I would rule my kingdom with with a firm hand
If I was the King of the Netherlands

Vassil Lyutiy - My friend Kowal

And we would be frankly agitated wickedly
To break down a firm hand against holiness.
And to name our own black affairs

Anders Bru - A Firm Hand

You are a yard to throw anker in
A good soil to put the seed in
A firm hand to the storm is given
- to me