Adding new artist to database who shares same name as another

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I'm planning on doing some translations for the lyrics from the Japanese band Raphael (, but in order to distinguish them from the singer Raphael ( already in the database, how should I go about filling in the Artist field when adding a new song?

Thanks in advance!


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Iscritto dal: 24.05.2011

This is just a suggestion, but maybe you can follow the tracks of Wikipedia and call them Raphael (band) or Raphael (Japanese Band). You can also add their name in Japanese, if they have such a name, between parentheses. That seems to make the form treat them as a different "artist".

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Thank you for the suggestion! I'll keep it in mind when I add their songs to the database.

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Hi victorien,
just add the country of origin in brackets after the artist's name like this: Plan B (UK) vs Plan B (Puerto Rico)

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