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Iscritto dal: 06.03.2010
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Help needed,

I have been searching for a translation for the song Alane sung by Wes .
I have been searching the internet for a long time and it seems impossible to find .
If anyone here could translate this song to either english or dutch i would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance


Iscritto dal: 21.06.2010

ok I'm joining you soooo bad on this !!
I've been browsing everywhere and all I can find is the language he is singing in : yoruba !
if you're still looking ... if any one can help a bit ...

Iscritto dal: 18.11.2010

Hi, CaillouChou! I've found by online language recognizer that the language of alane is Haitian Creole. With respect baitianyu.

Iscritto dal: 18.11.2010

son means sound, san means blood or hundred

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Iscritto dal: 07.05.2012

I found a german translation, though I can't guarantee for correctness:

Nimm mich mit
Die Liebe lässt mich die Hindernisse überwinden
Sie trägt mein Herz
und lädt mich ein zum Tanzen
Tanze mit dem anderen, so dass sich eure Schritte mischen
Nimm mich in deine Arme
Ich werde dort hingehen
wo du auch immer hingehst
Höre dieses Lied
es ist für dich
Wie könnte ich dich verführen?
Was kann ich tun?
Wie könnte ich dich verführen,
so dass du mein wirst?“

English translation:

Take me with (you)
Love helps me overcome obstacles
It wears my heart
And makes me wanna dance
Dance with the other (person), so that your steps/moves merge into each other
Take me in your arms
I'll follow you
Wherever you go
Listen to this song
It is for you
How can I seduce you?
What can I do?
How can I seduce you
so that you'll be mine

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