Rinda - Bassim (un sourire s'il vous plaît)

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Iscritto dal: 07.04.2018
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Can anyone write the lyrics in Arabic for this wonderful song by Ronda?


Iscritto dal: 07.04.2018

This is what I was able to hear by myself (missing things and not sure if correct):
ما بدي منك
I don't want from you
اكتر من عينك
Anything greater than your eyes
بيالي سنك
بس سنك
Just your smile (lit: tooth)

قلبك الغلي
Your dear heart
وعصرك العلي
حلوة الامالي
Nice hope
طول اليالي
The long night

لاكن يا حسرة
But oh regret
العين بسيرة
واليد اسيرة
و الحية عندك

ما بدي منك
اكتر من عينك
بيالي سنك
بس سنك

بينك و بيني
و الزمالي
مش راح تهواني
بس لا تنساني
but don't forget me
من خترا الخترا
Betrayal of betrayals
من العين الحرة
from.. eyes
شحبني نسرة
حسان عنك اه اه اه

ما بدي منك
اكتر من عينك
بيالي سنك
بس سنك

بدي غنيلك
I want to enrich you
بدي عشقلك
I want to love you
يمكن يُهِلك
Maybe ... you
ربي و
و ال
و تغير زمك

Iscritto dal: 25.09.2015

Could you submit a transcription request instead in similar situations? It's the website rules and such.
Here's a link where you can submit the song/transcription request, cheers


Iscritto dal: 07.04.2018

but here I have attempted to transcribe and would like some help in completing a transcription, rather than wait for someone to answer a transcription request.

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