Can some explain this arabic sentence ? Also any tool to translate this characters pls recommend

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fe eh ya 3am el romansya dy bas

el 7erman we7esh ya

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well,.. briefly...
"fe eh ya 3am el romansya dy bas" = "what's going on man with all this romance ;)"
"el 7erman we7esh ya abla..." its like hmm.. "we dont get used to all this" this refers to what he replied to with this sentence or the situation or whatever! .. i think its more likely to be very close to the meaning
i think i may help u more over email or somethin...
Peace from Egypt..

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el 7erman we7esh ya abla means something like "oppression is bad, miss" or "impoverishment is bad". Basically, if this is a conversation, and the first statement is made by a female, then it's almost as if she's jokingle telling him to stop flirting with her (she knows his boyish game), and he's replying by saying that she's so beautiful/attractive that he can't hold himself back (he hasn't been with a lot of females/females like her). The mood of the conversation is humorous. Abla is used to call older females, or female teachers. Someone whose status is higher than yours, so he's using it here to show that he has some respect for her, or just assuming a minor's role and sheepishly apologizing with a compliment.

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