Can't see Points, Tells me I'm Logged Out, Access Denied

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Iscritto dal: 28.08.2010
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1. I had up to 122 points for translations and about 11 translations listed in topics I've participated in. Yet I gave my profile link to a friend and she said she only saw 10 points and one topic. I thought it might be 'cause I didn't validate my Email, so I sent myself a new one, and when I clicked on the link it said it was validated. So I gave her the link and she said it still wasn't showing up.

2. I logged out, it didn't show up anymore for me either. But then when I clicked the 'log in/register' button it told me "Access Denied", and it showed me logged in. But when I clicked "my account" it had the login/register button up at the top again and it didn't have any of the tabs where I could edit my profile. But everytime I'd click the 'login/register' it would tell me Access Denied, and show I was logged in again.

3. I go back and look at the translations I did, they're still there, and in the side bar where it gives my information, it says -accurately- Translator, 11 Translations, etc...

So WTF is going on ? D:


What browser do you use? Are you able to test in another browser? And have you tried completely clearing all cookies, temp internet files, and history? Does it still happen then?

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Iscritto dal: 31.01.2010

1. When you log out/ are not registered you can't see the translations you have done in the last 4 or 6 hours approximately nor the points you earned for them. Also forum topics that have replies appear like unanswered even if the reply is there when you click. It's normal, or at least it happens to me too. My usual browsers are Firefox or Safari btw, don't know if this happens with IE, Chrome or some others.

2. I don't know about this one, I would also recommend cleaning Internet cache and cookies.

3. When you log in everything that was there will usually still be there (unless it was deleted for some reason due to moderation)

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Iscritto dal: 28.08.2010

Well it's been more than 6 hours for a lot of them and it still won't show up ;__;

Alright, I'll go try that...

It's weird because I can find my translations in the forums but they don't show up on my profile :\

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Iscritto dal: 28.08.2010

Ah, it finally works now!! (I think)
Thanks to all people who responded ~

Iscritto dal: 27.04.2005

This happened because of caching. It's enabled for guests - say, anonymous users, and disabled for logged in users. Pages are generated once and then put into cache for one day, so one will see the changes on the page on the second day only, unless he's logged in. Caching does a very good job to reduce the server load.
You can use ctrl+F5 to get not cached version.

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