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I've posted twelve or so translations from French to English, and I've requested proofreading for all of them, but I have received nothing (even for the oldest ones that have been up for about a month). The translations all get a few views, but no one has actually left a comment saying if the translation is fine, or where I've misinterpreted the meaning of something, or whatnot. It's quite unsatisfying because if I think the translation is fine, I don't get confirmation, and if I'm a little shaky on the translation, I don't get offered any fixes where I would really like to improve. My only goal is to offer the best and most accurate translations for these songs because I think they deserve to be appreciated by French-speakers and my fellow English-speakers alike.

So this is my cry for help, I guess. Anyone who is fluent in both French and English - could you please look over some of my translations and leave a comment or two on them? The ones I would like feedback on the most are probably "Our home (Plan d'Aou, Air Bel)" and "Anne and Louise", but eventually I would like all of them to be looked at. Even if there are no big mistakes (and even if there are) - I'd still appreciate anything you have at this point. Regular smile

(Sorry, by the way, if this is posted in the wrong place - first time making a topic in the forums.)


I'll look now

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I was about to post a similar request: I've translated a bunch of songs from ex-Yugoslav languages to English, but the requests for proofreading are usually mostly useless, because there are few people on the site who speak the required languages fluently.

Anyway, my English is good enough that I'm confident that the original texts are "correctly translated", i.e. that the meaning of my English translations is correct, but I could still use help from native English speakers with making the English translations more natural, improving the phrasing, checking that definite and indefinite articles are used correctly (a perpetual problem for us native Slavic speakers) etc.

So if anyone has the time and the will, all help is appreciated.

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