Need Spanish help with song, English to Spanish

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Iscritto dal: 21.07.2017
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I just translated the song "Loved by the sun" by Tangerine Dream, here is the link

I need some help/opinions on a few parts.

First off
"Nos enseñando para amar por motivo de bondad"
Does this sound good?

And then more importantly I wanted to ask about this part:
"Dos y dos van tan cerca juntos
Si hay esperanza que se desgarra
En las palabras que estan cantando
Mano en mano el comienzo es en el inicio"

"Two and two go so close together
Whether there is hope that is torn apart
In the words of all that's singing
Hand in hand the beginning is at the start"

Specifically the parts
Si hay esperanza que se desgarra
En las palabras que estan cantando

How can I fix this? Or what does it mean? I'm struggling here specifically because I don't really understand these lines in english haha. Thanks

Iscritto dal: 08.07.2012

As I understand it:

Teaching us to love, for goodness sake > Enseñandonos a amar, por Dios
Teaching us to reach, for goodness sake > Enseñandonos a alcanzar, por el amor de Dios

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Iscritto dal: 31.07.2017

Hi randyspanish,

Valeriu is right with his translation of "teaching us to love, for goodness sake". So use that one instead of "por motivo de bondad", which is more of a literal translation.

About the second part, it is always difficult to define perfect translations considering the many artifacts singers introduce in the lyrics. In your case, your translation should probably be modified to:

"Si hay esperanza que se desgarra
En las palabras de aquellos que cantan"

This way you really relate to the concept of "the words of all" and specify that they are the ones singing. In your original translation, it sounds like the words are singing themselves, and not somebody else pronouncing them. I think my suggestion fits your translation much better.

About the meaning, it probably means something like the following: imagine someone singing because of a lost lover, trying to keep hope and to recover and continue with life as if nothing happened. But that hope is torn apart when you sing, as you notice that the situation is really bad. Therefore you torn apart the hope while you sing. And you torn it apart using your words, while you sing. Does that sort of make sense? Otherwise, I cant figure out if there's something else they might want to transmit.

Hope it was of any help to you. Have a nice day.

Iscritto dal: 15.02.2013

"Teaching us to love, for goodness sake > Enseñándonos a amar, por el amor de Dios", just like " Enseñándonos a alcanzar, por el amor de Dios".

Randy, in your second question, "Dos y dos van tan cerca juntos", you don't need "cerca", "juntos" is good enough. Y es "mano a mano".

There are a few more errors in your translation, particularly in the agreement of words that, if you want, I can point out.

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