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Hello, friends! Maybe someone would be interested in translating some nice poems written by my father. I know that tens of people write poetry nowadays, but please read some of the poems first. There is only one requirement: the translations need to be rhymed as orginals, so being a native speaker is a must. I know that it is very hard and time-consuming to translate poetry but some people do it and the result is exceptional because you achieve something that 'stays in your country' for hundreds of years. If someone would be interested, please send me a PW.
The original poems are in Polish language. 

I am only looking for a hobbyst, i. e. someone who translate poetry because he likes to do it. I won't pay money for it because I won't be able to compare it with the original.

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Hello, Przemysław!
If you want to get translations of any lyrics here, you can just submit a translation request filling a corresponding form:
First of all you'll publish your father's lyrics so them to be seen by lots of people. Then you may add a request for translation to any language you want, and comment the request with your requirements. As for me, I can try to translate something, if I like it and the lyrics are not very long or complicated. (Rozumiem polski całkiem dobrze. Wink smile )

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