Ghady Habibi Red Alay

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Hi!I need help!!!Can not find the lyrics to translate this song into English.

Iscritto dal: 31.01.2013

I don't know if we are lovers (considered lovers)
But there is nothing that I can do other than missing you
Staying up and my heart has fallen for you (in love with you)
Being apart is hard on the lover

Baby, answer me, don't make my heart suffer
Hold me, if you know how I feel
Say to me I love you and let your love warm my heart
My eyes are complaining, speaking of your love
My heart is shivering, feeling cold and wants to hold you.
You are the only one that can make it warm.

Bring me flowers even if it is only in my dreams
Promise me your love even if it is an illusion
I am destined to your love, in my heart is where your love story is written.

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oh!thank U so much!!!

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