HELP. I need the translation of this post : "mala mandiir"

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Iscritto dal: 02.12.2010

I really have to know what this "mala mandir" means. It was posted on a photo.
Thanks a lot.

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Iscritto dal: 13.08.2010

According to google,it might be a name (Mata Mandir Singh ) He's a yogaist singer,if that kind of term could be used. if not...Mala is a village in India,also a caste.Mandiir gave close to nothing results,so I'm pretty sure it's "Mandir",which means a Hindu Temple.

So, a wild guess without seeing the photo: It's a hindu temple, either in the Village of Mala or a temple ruled by the Mala caste

Iscritto dal: 02.12.2010

suddendly its wrong. cuz the post was from a tunesian man and the photo was from a girl. but thanks a lot!!

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Iscritto dal: 25.04.2010

Don't depend on google translation Regular smile especially with arabic because almost all the arabs don't use the formal arabic in their daily lifes.
since you said it's from a tunesian man then my translation could also be wrong! because they use words that i don't know the meaning of (somet arab country have some words that arenot used in others)so sorry if it is,,,
anyways Mala means doesn't have
and mandir could mean sight

hope that helps, my guess is that he didn't like the photo Regular smile

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