help with some lyrics ^^

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Iscritto dal: 11.08.2010

aogeba mieru natsu no yozora ga
hontou ha samishikute

kazaranai ima kono shunkanwo
tebanashi taku naito negatte ita

tada nanndomo kurikaeshi mai utatte
kasaneteyuku hibi ni hutatabi

mewo hiraite

sen no negai wo yobu kisetsu ga
yoru wo koete ashita heno yukue wo sasayaku

hontou no kiseki wo shiru sono toki made
wasurenaideyo zutto

could anyone please help me with this one?
thank you very much Regular smile

Iscritto dal: 23.07.2011

A bit rough, but here is my attempt at translating it

If you look up, the sky of summer night that can be seen is so lonely

I wished, that i dont want to part with this moment that has no adornation

just do it all again, dancing and singing, how many times
to repeat those days again

open your eyes

The season that calls hundred prayers
will cross over the night and whisper your whereabouts for tomorrow

Never forget
until the time you know what real miracle is

Iscritto dal: 11.08.2010

thank you very much Wink smile

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