I got a problem when I logged in

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Iscritto dal: 15.09.2010
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On some way when I logged out and then logged in something went wrong .When I was on the home page it showed I am logged in cos I saw :
* add posts
*my account
*my points
*private messages etc etc
But when I clicked on "my account" ( the option), above the box with characteristics (picture,name,role,languages etc) appeared Log in/Register .I clicked on Log in and it showed me : Access denied
The duration of this bug lasted for over 30 min but it was a bit unpleasаnt

Iscritto dal: 27.05.2008

Most likely some pages got cached for you, and you saw guest and user content on different pages. Logout and re-login usually help.

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Iscritto dal: 15.09.2010

yes,thats what I did.I logged out and then re-logged in but nothing changed. As I said the problem disappeared by itself after 30 min (approximately)...btw. that wasn't the first time when I had this problem.
Thank u for ur time Regular smile

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