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Iscritto dal: 07.07.2012
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I'm not sure how we are supposed to correct incorrect original lyrics. I read somewhere on the forums that we can submit the lyrics with a slightly different name and I did and it showed but then apparently it's been deleted by a moderator or whoever in charge.

The song in question is no leaf clover by Metallica and the submitted English lyrics are absolutely incorrect, it's as if someone just made them up! And unfortunately some others have translated this into their languages! Please either correct it or let me submit my corrected lyrics.


Retired Moderator amoRaЯoma
Iscritto dal: 29.06.2011

Post the correct lyrics as a comment to the song addressed to moderators like
@moderators please correct the lyrics
[the correct lyrics]

Normally the lyrics would be checked if you're right but you'll be notified therein for any problem. Try to submit the corrected lyrics in the same format as the posted ones

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Iscritto dal: 07.07.2012

Just to clarify, am I suppose to post the comment on this forum or on the song itself? And the "@ mods" to go into the title of a forum post or written on top of the comment left under the song?

Edit: it seems you mean as a comment to the song itself.

Thanks I'll try that

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Iscritto dal: 19.05.2008

Yes a comment on the song itself, just post a comment with the corrected version of the lyrics on the same page where you found the incorrect lyrics.
Do not post double songs, because they'll get unpublished and probably not corrected...
Thnx for your help b3hrooz! Wink smile

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