Juno - Vayase pal carajo

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Hi, I didn't find Juno when I browsed the atrists so I hope someone can translate this song for me here Regular smile

Link to lyrics http://www.elcorillopr.net/letralyrics-juno-the-hitmaker-vayase-pal-carajo/


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I just created a listing for a song by him too.
I listed it under Juno (Reggaeton) lol

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Hi friend I hope you like it as my English level is intermediate and on this song there are many popular words that can not be translated easily..but I’m going to do my best…
Popular words are as your slang English!!!

Let’s break the nightclub
Juno the fucking hitmaker girl
Say Nando!!
The nightclub is ready the DJ’s ready
A lot of beaufiful and single women, buzz the blackberry
If you wanna drink or if you wanna smoke
Today you can do everything you want, come on girl let’s go to enjoy.
Who want becomes stupid, we put himself heavy
Tonight is to fu** sex and making yourself naughty
Those that dislike

Go to hell, go and eat a…
To hell, go, go to hell
Go and eat a….
(those that dislike)
Go to hell, go and eat a…..
(you know I never fail, girl)

Girl you know I am a strong man
The strongest of the new school
Going on all people
Two penthouse in Colombia and Venezuela
I’m the one owner of the single women.

Enjoy, let yourself go girl
Teach me your looseness tonight there’re torture
Girl, we are driving crazy, don’t worry
Those that dislike
Go to hell, go to hell
Go to hell and eat a….
(and if you dislike my friend)
Go to hell and eat a…
(we are driving crazy tonight)

Girl you’re horny
You’re doing your best
Drunk girl you’re looking for me
Don’t stop as we are crazy oh
Let me cause we are crazy oh
Let’s go to enjoy
Allow me touch and rub you
Here nobody cares, that happens whaever
We are driving crazy
And those that dislike
Go to hell, go to hell
Go to hell and eat a… (repeat)
We come back and say again

Yeah Juno
The fucking hitmaker woman
Going on all people with this
And those that dislike
(go to hell)
If you don’t come to enjoy, if you don’t come to buzz we say them
(go to hell)
If you want to accept that Juno’s killing the league hey!
(go to hell)
To all producers that snore and don’t know how to equalize a dembow
I am beside the one and only strong
Fade *Who puts the pressure*
This’s NU records
You tell we are buying tickets to everywhere
Hey Nandito
Going on all people
Those that dislike
(go to hell)
I went on you hardly

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