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Iscritto dal: 08.04.2011

Hello, Hellenic people!

There is a song I've been looking for a long while from a video featuring a speech from Georgios Papadopoulos, in the video you can only hear like 40 seconds but I completely fell in love with the song and found myself humming it everywhere I went.
I found the complete video (it's part of a documentary called Η δίκη της χούντας - Κορυδαλλός 1975), but I can't find anywhere the name of the song. According to the doubtfully accurate google translantion of the description in the video, it's either Γιώργου Γιαννουλάτου (George Giannoulatou) or Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη (Alkistis Protopsalti), taking into account that it's a female voice, I lean towards the second.

So I wanted to ask all Greek speakers if you could make up what the lyrics are (it's a very clear and slow voice, it shouldn't be difficult) so maybe I can google the song?

Here is the video, the song starts at 2:29
And for a longer version, here is the full documentary. The song goes from 8:26 until 10:43

Thank you in advance!

Iscritto dal: 08.04.2011

I think I found the lyrics:

Βρήκαν τις πόρτες ανοιχτές
και μπήκαν οι εχθροί μας.
Σέρνουν μισούς στις φυλακές
κι άλλους σε ξερονήσια.
Τους λίγους και καλύτερους
θε να τους φάει το χώμα

But I can't find the song anywhere and I largely rely on Google translator to look up on blogs and that. Maybe someone has an idea where I can find it or at least where I can start searching?

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Iscritto dal: 09.12.2011

Hi! Yes, these are the lyrics but I think no one knows where the song is from or even what it's called. I've searched in the tracklistings for Alkistis Protopsalti's first albums but came up with nothing... so the title must be something else.
I'd look for her early CDs (around/before 1981):

1975 "Tetralogia / Τετραλογία" Dimos Moutsis
(but assuming the video description is accurate, this isn't it)

1976 "Kiklos Seferi / Κύκλος Σεφέρη" Ilias Andriopoulos
(and nor is this one. Also, people would know if it were a poem)

1976 "Ergatiki symfonia / Εργατική Συμφωνία" (music for a play)
(again a different composer)

1977 "Apla tragoudia / Απλά τραγούδια" various composers but I don't know if Yiannoulatos is one of them

1979 "I Reserva / Η ρεζέρβα" D. Savvopoulos
(this is almost definitely not it, or someone would know the song. Besides, it's still not Yiannoulatos)

1979 "Grammata sto Makriyanni kai alla laika / Γράμματα στο Μακρυγιάννη και άλλα λαϊκά"

1980 "Maniatika / Μανιάτικα"
(folk songs so probably not)

1981 "Alkistis Protopsalti / Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη" various composers

1981 "Fragma / Φράγμα" Dimos Moutsis
(she sings one song, not this one)

Also: 1994 "Ta prota mou tragoudia / Τα πρώτα μου τραγούδια" songs from 1975-77, mostly songs from these other CDs

1982 "Telos den ehi to tragoudi / Τέλος δεν έχει το τραγούδι" last chance:)

I don't know if all these CDs are available...

Iscritto dal: 08.04.2011

Well actually I've already gone through all of Alkistis Protopsalti's songs released before 1981 (the year the documentary was made) at least three times without any luck. Other than the blog I got the lyrics from and the video description in the documentary, there seems to be no documentation of Protopsalti ever singing this song whatsoever (it's her, though, you can clearly tell by her voice). I don't understand really, the song is beautiful and sounds like a legendary piece that would be a symbol of liberty among Greeks during the military regime.

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Iscritto dal: 09.12.2011

Yes but we have a lot of these songs, especially from those years... so it's not easy:)

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Iscritto dal: 20.10.2012

I realize how late this is and that you probably already found the song but..

Underneath the video (the first, shorter one), it says that the song is called "Loghos Gheorghiou Papadopoulou" by various artists and that it's from 1967. I clicked the button that brought me to the itunes website and found it was by Gheorghios Papadopoulos in an album with various artists and different songs from Greece made in '67-'74. I hope this helps, I'll leave the link I found which you can use to go to itunes and buy the song.

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