No Unchained Melody?

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Hi everyone,

After listening to my Il Divo playlist, I found translations for a few lyrics, for Adagio, Without You, etc. I'm jumping both ways with the language thing. This is a great tool. Lyrics Translate would have been sooo helpful if it was available years ago... But it's here now so I won't whine.

One of the Italian songs was a translation from English of Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. For some reason I am unable to find the Italian Lyrics in writing. I haven't gone on an extensive Google search because I found this website. Even though the song is listed on the menu as 'English to Italian,' when I clicked the link nothing came up. After I found the Italian title, "Senza Catene" (it means "without chains") to do a custom search I was unable to get the translation. On YouTube I found the Spanish name, "Melodía Desencadenada." I used this in an attempt to reverse engineer the Italian using Spanish. Nada. I could have an improper title translation. Any ideas? Guess I'll need practice using this site.

Thanks for reading this. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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Most likely no one had submitted that particular song (Senza Catene) by Il divo before so that's why you couldn't find it. It's now added over here.

If it happens again with another song, we encourage you to add the lyrics using the Submit song function.

But if what you wanted was a literal translation from English to Italian of Unchained melody by The Righteous Brothers, then someone else has already posted a request. You can subscribe to it by clicking subscribe and whenever someone translates it you will be notified.

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It is called Unchained melody because it was originally used in a movie called Unchained, thus was the melody from the movie of that name. I have never seen this film but the song has been recorded by many people. I don't know it there is anything unusual about the version you mention, but I don't think there is. Lyrics Freak gives the following, crediting U2, an Irish rock band. It is not a literal translation as I recall the song, but apparently is intended to be sung:

Oh, amore mio, tesoro mio
Ho fame di tocco
Da solo, periodo di solitudine
E il tempo scorre così lentamente
E il tempo può fare molto
Sei ancora mia
Ho bisogno del tuo amore
Ho bisogno del tuo amore
Dio, velocità tuo amore per me
Fiumi Lonely flusso verso il mare per il mare
Per le braccia aperte del mare
Sospiro fiume solitario, aspettami, aspettami
Sarò tornato a casa
Attendere per me
Oh, amore mio, tesoro mio
Ho fame, fame di tuo tocco
Oh, mio, tempo di solitudine
E il tempo passa così lentamente e il tempo possono fare molto
Sei ancora mia, ho bisogno del tuo amore Ho bisogno del vostro
Amore, Dio velocità tuo amore per me.

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