Private Messages has been disappeared

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Iscritto dal: 01.07.2012

I'm sorry, but I was realized that there is not any messages in my PM Sad smile What's happened?

Retired Moderator amoRaЯoma
Iscritto dal: 29.06.2011

Have you checked the "All messages" tab?

Retired Moderator
Iscritto dal: 11.01.2012

The same thing happened to me too.

Moderator of the North
Iscritto dal: 28.09.2011

I lost a lot of msgs as well Confused smile

Junior Member
Iscritto dal: 01.07.2012

Have you checked the "All messages" tab?

Yes, of course, anyway nothing.


Same problem here. At least according to the interface, my mailbox has been cleaned as a plate.

Iscritto dal: 27.05.2008

Thanks for report, we've fixed a bug that caused this problem. ~15% of PM database failed to upgrade properly. Please re-check your 'All message' tab.


Yup, right as rain. Thanks guv' Wink smile

Iscritto dal: 22.03.2011

There are still a lot of pm's missing...and it's not depending on dates or seems to be random :-(

Iscritto dal: 21.01.2010

Oh, I thought they were lost, but they are only arranged differently.
Well, my eyes are not fully closed and my fingers are still typing, but I think I am already sleeping. So... good night. Let's leave for tomorrow what we can't solve now. Regular smile

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