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Iscritto dal: 24.12.2011

Hi, I am kind of new here, and this is my first post to a forum here.

I came to this site to see if I could find the lyrics to a song (Llovera).
When I found it, I found that the translations already posted weren't the best, so I decided to translate it myself, since I am bilingual (Spanish and English).

One problem I have, and thus the question, is that the original lyrics that were posted were written improperly, and thus change the meaning of the song, not to mention that is is actually wrong in two lines.

How do I change the original lyric of a song that is on this site?

I tried to explain these problems in a comment that I made on my translation of the song, but I really don't know if people bother to read the comments when they are just looking for the lyrics/translation.

THANKS Regular smile

Iscritto dal: 11.10.2010

You report it, then the one who submitted the song or one of the moderators will correct it!

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