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Iscritto dal: 22.03.2011

Hi everybody !
Last week I translated " Wrap me in Your Arms" by Michael Grungor in French. But this morning I found a new request, so I did it again...But now there are 2 identical translations...Can one of them be removed, please ? Thank you :-) !

Iscritto dal: 27.05.2008

Done Regular smile

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Iscritto dal: 15.08.2011

I did the same just now with Söknuður, but I managed to flag my translation as a transliteration (Icelandic-> Icelandic) instead of English.

And on a general note, how can I edit my own contributions? It seems cumbersome if an admin is necessary just because I want to change one sentence of a translation?


Iscritto dal: 27.05.2008

There's an [Edit] tab right below the translation title. You can click it and edit everything, including translation language, yourself.

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