[SOLVED] HUNTR – "Strange" (meaning of some lines)

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Hi, in this song I saw some lines that make no or at least few sense to me. Can anyone explain their meaning to me? Thanks in advance! Here's the passage:

Citation :

Am I dreaming I don't feel demons, am I bleeding / Bloody ass nose till my mind explodes

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Hmm, well I think this means:

Am I dreaming because I don't feel any demons in me / around me ?
*same with "am I bleeding", they're questioning whether they're bleeding or dreaming because they can't sense the demons.

My nose will bleed until my mind explodes -> a nose bleed can be from many things, serious cases can be because of brain injury. So in a sense, their "brain/mind" will bleed through their nose until it "explodes" (until the damage is irreversible). They're losing their mind.

As I look at the lyrics, the person clearly has a disdain for people not wanting to be themselves, then proceeds to show others how "strange" they are and how they want to let go, then questions if others see them as "strange" (a freak).

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Thank you two!
I did use the meaning of a strong bloody nose now. Sorry, my english is not well. I want to learn.

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"Ass" as in "bloody ass nose" is often used as a somewhat general intensifier that has nothing to do with asses. Tongue smile Like "Punk ass bitch", even for things like "look at this wet ass dog". It's a bit silly but that's what people say Regular smile

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