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Hi, I need a help for my translation.
I translated the song "Lisa" of "3rd Strike" band from English to Russian.
I doubt about correct translation of 4 lines:
Line 4: You memore remains. What does the word "memore" mean in this line?
Line 6. To meka you change your mind. Does the word "meka" mean the word "make", or not? Is it American slang?
Line 21. What went wrong too young to pass on. Does it mean "death at a young age" or anything like "the end of the relationship so early"?
Line 23. I can't believe that you achieved to relieve yourself. Is it meaning achieved to relieve from what?
Who can help me?

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Don't know how much I can help you, but it looks to me that you've been scratching your head for some misspellings that could have been easily avoided by listening to the song. To answer your questions, I'm pretty sure "you memore" stands for "your memory" and "meka" for "make".
Concerning the last two lines, "pass on" is another way to say "to die", so it means "(she was) too young to die". As for the other one, I think "I can't believe you achieved to relieve yourself" espresses the singer's astonishment to Lisa's suicide. Judging from the lyrics, it looks to me that she committed suicide and the singer regrets the fact he could not help her take her pain away, which she did by committing suicide and that's what "relieve yourself" stands for.
Hope I helped you.


Yes, you helped me. Thank you!

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