Ya habibi ya ghaybine

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Hello everyone Regular smile
I'd appreciate it if someone could translate to English Ishtar Alabin`s song :

Ya habibi ya ghaybine

Ya habibi ya ghaybine
Oua hachini ya ghabin

Lo oua ghamat, ouoafatah

Oua laykoum gayn,gayn

Ya habibi mi youm ma baidna
Ouala che dounia bies edna

Oula warda bitzawa betna
Ouala chamaa betnaward edna

Ya habibi ayami fidakoum
Yensani l farhina wan sakoum

Ye… ya habibi gain, gain
Oua laykoum gain, gain

Mirad mirad amigos mios
Abrid el Corazon
A nuestro pasado
Dimi dime si el recuerdo
A qe la vida moral corazon

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Hi Mira, don't spam with requests!
You've already added this song to our database, now all you have to do is click on th button called [ASK FOR A TRANSLATION] to make your request final.
Here is a link to the song: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/Ishtar-Alabina-Ya-habibi-ya-ghaibine-lyric...

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