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Å gå seg vill [Lost In The Woods]NorvegeseTraduzione
A lo oculto voy [Into the Unknown] (Latin Spanish [Outtake])SpagnoloTraduzione
A rénszarvas jobb, mint az ember (Folytatás) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Ungherese
Ada Tak Berubah [Some Things Never Change]Malese
Ada yang tak berubah [Some Things Never Change]Indonesiano
Ahtohallan [All is Found]OlandeseTraduzione
Al wat je zoekt [All is Found]Dutch (Dialects)
All is FoundIngleseTraduzione
Alle svar [All Is Found]DaneseTraduzione
Als ik groot ben [When I Am Older]Fiammingo
Als ik je nu volg [Into the Unknown]Dutch (Dialects)
Als ik ouder ben [When I Am Older]Olandese
Amas mu vuordá [Into the Unknown]Sami (North Sámi)
Amas mu vuordá/I ukjent land (Into The Unknown - Duet)Norvegese, Sami (North Sámi)
Amžinai Drauge [Some Things Never Change]Lituano
Apmaldījies [Lost In The Woods]Lettone
Að breyta rétt [The Next Right Thing]Islandese
Bangkit Semampuku [The Next Right Thing]Malese
Bazı şeyler aynı kalır [Some Things Never Change]Turco
Bila Ku Dewasa [When I Am Older]Malese
Boazu lea buoret go olmmoš (joattka) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People]Sami (North Sámi)
Jikŋon 2 (Originála Filmma Lávlagat)
Boljši od ljudi so jeleni (Nadaljevano) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Sloveno
Brieži cilvēkus pārspēj (Turpinājums) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Lettone
Buot áššit rievdda eai [Some Things Never Change]Sami (North Sámi)
Jikŋon 2 (Originála Filmma Lávlagat)
Čájet mat [Show Yourself]Sami (North Sámi)
Jikŋon 2 (Originála Filmma Lávlagat)
Când voi fi mare [When I Am Older]Rumeno
Čas nič nezmení [Some Things Never Change]Slovacco
Ce-i pierdut va fi găsit [All Is Found]Rumeno
Chcę uwierzyć snom [Into the Unknown]PolaccoTraduzione
Çık ortaya [Show Yourself]Turco
Cine ești? [Show Yourself]RumenoTraduzione
Com o tempo [When I Am Older] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portoghese
Cuando madure [When I Am Older] (European Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Cuando Sea Mayor [When I Am Older] (Latin Spanish)Spagnolo
Człowiek zwierzęciu jest wilkiem (c.d.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Polacco
Da grande [When I Am Older]Italiano
Daga de riekta fal [The Next Right Thing]Sami (North Sámi)
Jikŋon 2 (Originála Filmma Lávlagat)
Dans un autre monde [Into the Unknown]FranceseTraduzione
Der nächste Schritt [The Next Right Thing]TedescoTraduzione
Desde El Corazón [Some Things Never Change] (Latin Spanish)Spagnolo
Dieren zijn beter dan mensen (vervolg) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]OlandeseTraduzione
Dieren zijn beter dan mensen (Vervolg) [Reindeers are better than people (Cont.)]Fiammingo
Do neznáma dál [Into the Unknown]Ceco
Do neznáma ísť [Into The Unknown]Slovacco
Doe wat het beste is [The Next Right Thing]Dutch (Dialects)
Doe wat het beste is [The Next Right Thing]OlandeseTraduzione
Doğru şey uğruna [The Next Right Thing]Turco
Een onbekend oord [Into the Unknown]Olandese
Eksynyt oon [Lost In The Woods]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
El que cal fer [The Next Right Thing]Catalano
Elniai mielesni už žmones (Tęs.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Lituano
Els rens no són com els homes (Continuació) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Catalano
Elvesztem már [Lost in the Woods]Ungherese
Er ég eldist [When I'm Older]IslandeseTraduzione
Érett fejjel [When I'm Older]Ungherese
Es kommt zu dir [All is Found]TedescoTraduzione
Ett litet kliv [The Next Right Thing]SvedeseTraduzione
Fă ce-i de făcut [The Next Right Thing]Rumeno
Fai ciò che è giusto [The Next Right Thing]Italiano
Faret vild [Lost In The Woods]Danese
Fazer o que é melhor [The Next Right Thing] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portoghese
Gávnnat buot [All is Found]Sami (North Sámi)
Gdy nie masz nic [All Is Found]PolaccoTraduzione
Geen weg uit het woud [Lost In The Woods]Dutch (Dialects)
Get This Right [Outtake]IngleseTraduzione
Geyikler insandan iyidir (Devam) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Turco
Gjithçka ka mbet' [All Is Found (Reprise)]Albanese
Go rávásnuvan [When I Am Older]Sami (North Sámi)
Gubim ti trag [Lost in the Woods]Croato
Há coisas que não mudam [Some Things Never Change] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Hacer las cosas bien [The Next Right Thing] (European Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Home [Outtake]IngleseTraduzione
Hreindýr eru betri en mannfólk (Framhald) [Reindeers Are Better Than People (Cont)]Islandese
I elven finnes alt [All Is Found]Norvegese
Frost 2
I Seek the Truth [Outtake]IngleseTraduzione
I ukjent land [Into the Unknown]NorvegeseTraduzione
Il fiume del passato [All is Found]Italiano
In i en ny värld [Into the Unknown]Svedese
Frost 2 (svenskt original sountrack)
În necunoscut [Into the Unknown]RumenoTraduzione
Inn á nýja braut [Into the Unknown]IslandeseTraduzione
Into the UnknownIngleseTraduzione
Into the Unknown (Academy Awards version)Inglese, Tedesco, Danese, Giapponese, Norvegese, Polacco, Russo, Spagnolo, Tailandese
Into the Unknown - Live from the 92nd Academy Awards
Into the Unknown (Cantonese)Cinese (Cantonese)
Into the Unknown (in 29 languages)Danese, Inglese, Francese, Islandese, Italiano, Coreano, Norvegese, Svedese, Bulgaro, Cinese, Estone, Finlandese, Tedesco, Greco, Ungherese, Giapponese, Polacco, Portoghese, Russo, Serbo, Spagnolo, Tailandese, Dutch (Dialects), Sami (North Sámi), VietnamitaTraduzione
Into the Unknown (Unique)Persiano
یخ‌زده ۲ - گروه دوبلاژ یونیک
Io preferisco le renne (Nuova versione) [Reindeer(s) are better than people (cont.)]Italiano
J'ai perdu le nord [Lost In The Woods]FranceseTraduzione
Jawapan Yang Dicari [All Is Found]Malese
Je te cherche [Show Yourself]FranceseTraduzione
Jotkin muutu ei [Some Things Never Change]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Już ty wiesz co [The Next Right Thing]Polacco
Kad būšu vecāks [When I Am Older]Lettone
Kad odrastem [When I Am Older]Croato
Kai užaugsiu [When I Am Older]Lituano
Frozen 2 (OST)
Kayboldum bu ormanda [Lost In The Woods]Turco
Kdo si ti? [Show Yourself]Sloveno
Ke Alam Baharu [Into The Unknown]Malese
Keď si starší [When I am older]Slovacco
Kehilangan Arah [Lost In The Woods]Malese
Ketempat Yang Tak Dikenal [Into the Unknown]Indonesiano
Khi thành người iớn [When I'm Older]Vietnamita
Kiedy będę starszy [When I Am Older]PolaccoTraduzione
Ko bom starejši [When I am Older]Sloveno
Ko liek tev sirds [The Next Right Thing]Lettone
Kom nu frem [Show Yourself]DaneseTraduzione
Kto je čí [All Is Found]Slovacco
Którą wybrać z dróg [Lost In The Woods]Polacco
Kui ma olen vanem [When I Am Older]Estone
Kuin oikein on [The Next Right Thing]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Kun oon vanha [When I Am Older]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Kur gi tu? [Show Yourself]Lituano
La berceuse d'Ahtohallan [All is Found]FranceseTraduzione
La respuesta encontrarás [All Is Found] (European Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Laat je zien [Show Yourself]Olandese
Frozen 2 (Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack)
Lạc nơi rừng sâu [Lost In The Woods]Vietnamita
Láhpposis nu [Lost In The Woods]Sami (North Sámi)
Jikŋon 2 (Originála Filmma Lávlagat)
Lại về bên nhau [All Is Found]Vietnamita
Laika strauts [All Is Found]Lettone
Lakukan yang benar [The Next Right Thing]Indonesiano
Le chant du renne (Nouvelle version) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]FranceseTraduzione
Lehkos nu [Let it Go (snippet)]Sami (North Sámi)
Livet går sin gang [Some Things Never Change]Danese
Livet går sin gang [Some Things Never Change] (Norwegian)Norvegese
Lo que hay que hacer [The Next Right Thing] (Latin Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Lo que no cambiará [Some Things Never Change] (European Spanish)Spagnolo
Lost in the WoodsIngleseTraduzione
Löydän sen [All Is Found]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Meçhule doğru [Into The Unknown]Turco
Mert más út nincs [The Next Right Thing]Ungherese
Messze hívó szó [Into the unknown]UnghereseTraduzione
Metsa eksinud ma [Lost In The Woods]Estone
Mil memorias [All Is Found] (Latin Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Minha intuição [Into The Unknown] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
Mostra-Te [Show Yourself] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Mostrati [Show Yourself]Italiano
Mucho más allá [Into the Unknown]SpagnoloTraduzione
Muéstrate [Show Yourself] (European Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Muéstrate [Show Yourself] (Latin Spanish)SpagnoloTraduzione
Muito mais além [Into the Unknown] (European Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
Múlt-ár [All is found]UnghereseTraduzione
Multe sunt cum sunt [Some Things Never Change]Rumeno
Nada vai mudar [Some Things Never Change] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portoghese
Näita end [Show Yourself]Estone
Não Sei Onde Estou [Lost In The Woods] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portoghese
När jag blir äldre [When I Am Older]SvedeseTraduzione
Når jeg blir voksen [When I Am Older]Norvegese
Når jeg bliver ældre [When I Am Older]Danese
Nechcem fůru změn [Some Things Never Change]Ceco
Nekam daleč stran [Into the Unknown]Sloveno
Nell’ignoto [Into the Unknown]Italiano
Neste rette ting [The Next Right Thing]Norvegese
Nezināmajā [Into the Unknown]Lettone
Ni v gozdu sledi [Lost In The Woods]Sloveno
No tot canviarà [Some Things Never Change]Catalano
Nơi hư vô lạc lối [Into the Unknown]Vietnamita
O que está certo [The Next Right Thing] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Õige samm [The Next Right Thing]Estone
Okkur kært [All is Found]IslandeseTraduzione
Paklydau miškuos [Lost in the Woods]Lituano
Frozen 2 (OST)
Parādies [Show Yourself]Lettone
Perdido en el bosque [Lost In The Woods] (European Spanish)Spagnolo
Perdido no bosque [Lost In The Woods] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Perdut en un bosc [Lost In The Woods]Catalano
Perso quaggiù [Lost in the Woods]Italiano
Pierdut Prin Păduri [Lost In The Woods]Rumeno
Point d'avenir sans nous [Some Things Never Change]FranceseTraduzione
Pokaż się [Show Yourself]PolaccoTraduzione
Poro ain' ihmisen voittaa (jatkuu) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Finlandese
Frozen 2: Alkuperäinen Suomenkielinen Soundtrack
Put svoj nać [The Next Right Thing]Croato
Qualche cosa non cambia mai [Some Things Never Change]Italiano
Quan creixi [When I Am Older]Catalano
Quand je serai plus grand [When I Am Older]FranceseTraduzione
Quando for idoso [When I Am Older] (European Portuguese)Portoghese
Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)IngleseTraduzione
Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.) | Lost in the Woods (In 27 Languages)Danese, Inglese, Francese, Islandese, Italiano, Coreano, Norvegese, Bulgaro, Catalano, Cinese, Cinese (Cantonese), Ceco, Tedesco, Ebraico, Ungherese, Giapponese, Polacco, Portoghese, Russo, Sloveno, Spagnolo, Turco, Ucraino, Dutch (Dialects), Telugu
Reinsdyr er bedre enn folk (forts.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Norvegese
Rena é melhor do que gente (Continuação) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portoghese
Renar är bättre än män’skor (forts.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]SvedeseTraduzione
Renas são melhores que os homens (Continuação) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (European Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
Renos mejor que personas (Continuación) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (European Spanish)Spagnolo
Renos Mejores Que Humanos (Continuación) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Latin Spanish)Spagnolo
Rensdyr er bedre end mennesker (forts.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Danese
Rentiere sind besser als Menschen (Neue Version) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]TedescoTraduzione
Renu-i mai bun ca omul (cont.) [Reindeers Are Better Than People (Cont)]Rumeno
Rijeka tajni [All Is Found]Croato
Rusa Baik Dari Manusia [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Malese
Rusa lebih baik dari manusia [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Indonesiano
S'hi troba tot [All Is Found]Catalano
Saat dewasa [When I'm Older]Indonesiano
Saavu jo [Show Yourself]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Se encontrar [All Is Found] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
See ei muutu eal [Some Things Never Change]Estone
Semua ditemukan [All Is Found]Indonesiano
Show YourselfIngleseTraduzione
Šis, tas nemainās [Some Things Never Change]Lettone
So wird’s immer sein [Some Things Never Change]TedescoTraduzione
Sobi jsou lepší než lidi (Pokračováni) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Ceco
Sobovi prave su face (Nastavak) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Croato
Soby sú lepšie než ľudia (pokr.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)]Slovacco
Som Zablúdený [Lost In The Woods]Slovacco
Some Things Never ChangeIngleseTraduzione
Somligt är sig likt [Some Things Never Change]SvedeseTraduzione
Sommige dingen veranderen nooit [Some Things Never Change]Olandese
Sống vươn cao [Show Yourself]Vietnamita
Frozen II (OST)
Sorsunk szerencsés [Some Things Never Change]Ungherese
Spet našla [All Is Found]Sloveno
Správnu vec [The Next Right Thing]Slovacco
Storim, kar prav se zdi [The Next Right Thing]Sloveno
Sumt er alltaf eins [Some Things Never Change]Islandese
Surt [Show Yourself]Catalano
Sýndu þig [Show Yourself]Islandese
Tag ét skridt frem [The Next Right Thing]Danese
Tárulj fel [Show Yourself]UnghereseTraduzione
Tee alles veel [All is Found]Estone
Teka upė [All is Found]Lituano
Ten kur nežinia [Into the Unknown]Lituano
Tersesat di hutan [Lost In The Woods]Indonesiano
The Next Right ThingIngleseTraduzione
Tik tu savim tikėk [The Next Right Thing]Lituano
Tko si ti? [Show Yourself]Croato
To co se dělat dá [The Next Right Thing]Ceco
To niezmienne jest [Some Things Never Change]Polacco
To se ne mijenja [Some Things Never Change]Croato
Toon jezelf [Show Yourself]Dutch (Dialects)
Tout réparer [The Next Right Thing]FranceseTraduzione
Tu Luz [Lost In The Woods] (Latin Spanish)Spagnolo
Tự mình vượt qua [The Next Right Thing]Vietnamita
Tuần lộc sướng hơn con người [Reindeers Are Better Than People (cont.)]Vietnamita
Tudo encontrarás [All Is Found] (European Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
Tüm yanitlar nehirde [All Is Found]Turco
Tundmatuse teel [Into The Unknown]Estone
Tunjukkan Dirimu [Show Yourself]Indonesiano
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself]Malese
Tuntemattomaan [Into The Unknown]Finlandese
Frozen 2 (alkuperäinen suomalainen soundtrack)
Tvůj ztracenej bloud [Lost In The Woods]Ceco
U tajnovit svijet [Into the Unknown]Croato
Ud i ukendt land [Into the Unknown]DaneseTraduzione
Ukaž se [Show Yourself]Ceco
Ukáž tvár [Show Yourself]Slovacco
Un lloc secret [Into The Unknown]CatalanoTraduzione
Unmeltable Me [Outtake]Inglese
Uti älven [All is Found]Svedese
Frost 2 (svenskt original sountrack)
Vegvilltur er [Lost In The Woods]Islandese
Vem mostrar [Show Yourself] (Brazilian Portuguese)PortogheseTraduzione
Verdwaald [Lost in the Woods]Olandese
Verlassen im Wald [Lost in the Woods]TedescoTraduzione
Vilken väg ska jag ta? [Lost In The Woods]SvedeseTraduzione
Vis deg frem [Show Yourself]NorvegeseTraduzione
Visa dig [Show Yourself]Svedese
Frost 2 (svenskt orignal soundtrack)
Vse kot vedno je [Some Things Never Change]Sloveno
Vše naleznem [All Is Found]Ceco
Všechno dojde mi [When I Am Older]Ceco
Wat hetzelfde blijft [Some Things Never Change]Dutch (Dialects)
Wenn ich erst groß bin [When I Am Older]TedescoTraduzione
When I Am OlderIngleseTraduzione
Wo noch niemand war [Into the Unknown]TedescoTraduzione
Yaşlanınca [When I'm Older]Turco
Zeige dich [Show Yourself]TedescoTraduzione
Điều không đổi dời [Some Things Never Change]Vietnamita
Αναλλοίωτη [Some Things Never Change] (Analloíoti)Greco
Θα σε κρατάω [All Is Found] (Tha se kratáo)Greco
Κοίτα με [Show Yourself] (Kíta me)Greco
Μες στα Δάση έχω χαθεί [Lost In The Woods] (Mes sta dási écho chatheí)Greco
Να βγω για νέα αρχή [The Next Right Thing] (Na vgo yia néa arkhí)Greco
Οι άνθρωποι, Σβεν, με πληγώνουν (Συνέχιση) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Oi ánthropoi, Sven, me pligónoun (Synéchisi))Greco
Σαν Μεγαλώσω [When I Am Older] (San megalóso)Greco
Στ' άγνωστο να 'ρθώ [Into the Unknown] (St' ágnosto na 'rthó)GrecoTraduzione
Є навік живе [Some Things Never Change] (Ye navik zhyve)Ucraino
Једног дана [When I Am Older] (Jednog dana)Serbo
Адамнан бұғылар артық [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Adamnan buğılar artıq)Kazako
Алаҧшҳәаа ахь [Into the Unknown] (Alaṕšh̦a̋aa ah')Abcaso
Баллада о реке Ахтохаллэн [All is Found] (Ballada o reke Akhtokhallan)RussoTraduzione
Белгісіздікке [Into the Unknown] (Belgisizdikke)Kazako
Берін табасйн [All is Found] (Berin tabasyn)Kazako
Блуждаю в лесу [Lost In The Woods] (Bluždaju v lesu)Russo
Бәрін жеңемін [The Next Right Thing] (Berin zhenemin)Kazako
Вечните неща [Some Things Never Change] (Večnite nešta)Bulgaro
Вещи вечные [Some Things Never Change] (Vešči večnye)Russo
Вновь за горизонт [Into the Unknown] (Vnov za gorizont)RussoTraduzione
Води пам'яті [All is Found] (Vody pam'yati)Ucraino
Frozen II
Где же ты? [Show Yourself] (Gde zhe ty?)Russo
Делай, что должна [The Next Right Thing] (Delay chto dolzhna)Russo
Елени аз май предпочитам (Прод.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Eleni az may predpochitam (Prod.))Bulgaro
Изгубљен сам [Lost In The Woods] (Izgubljen sam)Serbo
Изгубен съм [Lost in the Woods] (Izguben sǎm)Bulgaro
Ирвас је бољи од људи (Наставак) [Reindeers Are Better Than People (Cont.) (Irvas je bolji od ljudi (Nastavak))Serbo
Кейбір нәрселер өзгермейді [Some Things Never Change] (Keybir närseler özgermeydi)Kazako
Когда я стану взрослым [When I Am Older] (Kogda ya stanu vzroslym)Russo
Към незнаен свят [Into the Unknown] (Kǎm neznaen svjat)Bulgaro
Көрінші [Show Yourself] (Kórinshi)Kazako
Мен есейгенде [When I Am Older] (Men eseygende)Kazako
Мени незнано [Into The Unknown] (Meni neznano)Serbo
Нищо не е изгубено [All Is Found] (Ništo ne e izgubeno)Bulgaro
Олени приятней, чем люди [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Oleni priyatney, chem lyudi)Russo
Оленям легше на світі (Продовження) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Olenyam lehshe na sviti (Prodovzhennya))Ucraino
Орманда адастым [Lost In The Woods] (Ormanda adastım)Kazako
Ось я де [Show Yourself] (Os' ya de)Ucraino
Frozen II
Откриј се [Show Yourself] (Otkrij se)Serbo
Спри до мен [Show Yourself] (Spri do men)Bulgaro
Стану старше [When I Am Older] (Stanu starše)Ucraino
Стари осећај [Some Things Never Change] (Stari osećaj)Serbo
Тајна се зна [All is Found] (Tajna se zna)Serbo
Твій слід не знайду [Lost in the woods] (Tviy slid ne znaydu)Ucraino
У незнане знов [Into the Unknown] (U neznane znov)Ucraino
Уабаҟоу нас [Show Yourself] (Uabak̄ou nas)Abcaso
Учини праву ствар [The Next Right Thing] (Učini pravu stvar)Serbo
Ще продължа [The Next Right Thing] (Šte prodǎlža)Bulgaro
Щом порасна [When I Am Older] (Štom porasna)Bulgaro
Я йду [The Next Right Thing] (Ya ydu)Ucraino
איבדתי כיוון [Lost in the Woods] (Ibadti kivun)Ebraico
איפה את [Show Yourself] (Eifo at)Ebraico
אל עבר הסוד [Into the Unknown] (El ever hasod)Ebraico
גם אם נשתנה [Some Things Never Change] (Gam im nishtane)Ebraico
כשאהיה גדול [When I Am Older] (Keshe'eheye gadol)Ebraico
לעשות מה שצריך [The Next Right Thing] (La'asot Ma Shetsarich)Ebraico
סיבות להמשיך פה [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Sibot lehamshich po)Ebraico
תוכלי הכול לגלות [All is Found] (Tuchli hakol legalot)Ebraico
إظهري [Show Yourself] (Izhary)Arabic (Egyptian)
اظهري [Show Yourself] (Izhary)Arabo
الخطوة الصح [The Next Right Thing] (Alkhatwat ssah)Arabic (Egyptian)
الرنة أفضل من البشر [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Alranat 'afdal min albashar)Arabic (Egyptian)
باد به دریا می‌رسه [All Is Found] (Alpha) (Bād be daryā mirese)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
به یه جای دور [Into the Unknown] (Alpha) (Be ye jā-ye dur)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
توی معمّا [Into the Unknown] (Qualima) (Tu-ye mo'ammā)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
حاجات مش بتضيع [Some Things Never Change] (Hagat Mesh Betdeea)Arabic (Egyptian)
داخل المجهول [Into the Unknown] (Dakhel Al Majhool)Arabo
دنیا همینه [Some Things Never Change] (Alpha) (Donyā hamine)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
عوض نمی‌شه [Some Things Never Change] (Qualima) (Avaz nemiše)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
عیان شو [Show Yourself] (Goonishfilm) (Ayān sho)Persiano
في الغابة بتوه [Lost In The Woods] (Fi lghaba batouh)Arabic (Egyptian)
في طريق مجهول [Into the Unknown] (Fi tariq majhul)Arabic (Egyptian)
لما أكبر [When I'm Older] (Lamaa 'akbar)Arabic (Egyptian)
نشون بده [Show Yourself] (Qualima) (Nešun bede)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
نمایان شو [Show Yourself] (Unique) (Namāyān sho)Persiano
نهر الذكريات [All is Found] (Nahr Aldhikriat)Arabic (Egyptian)
هستم با تو [Lost in the Woods] (Qualima) (Hastam bā to)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
وقتی که بزرگ بشم [When I am Older] (Qualima) (Vaqti ke bozorg bešam)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
وقتی که بزرگ شم [When I Am Older] (Alpha) (Vaqti ke bozorg Šam)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
پیدا [All is Found] (Qualima) (Peydā)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
پیش برو [The Next Right Thing] (Qualima) (Piš boro)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
کار درست همینه [The Next Right Thing] (Alpha Media Studio) (Kār-e dorost hamine)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
کجایی؟ [Show Yourself] (Alpha) (Kojāyi?)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
گوزن راحت‌تر از آدمه + من گم شدم [Reindeers are better than people (Cont.) + Lost in the Woods] (Alpha Media)Persiano
Frozen 2 - "Alpha Media" Persian dub
گوزنا از آدما بهترن [Reindeer(s) are Better than People (Cont.)] (Qualima) (Gavaznā az ādamā behtaran)Persiano
یخ زده ۲ - استودیو کوالیما
अनजान जहाँ [Into the Unknown] (Anjaan jahaan)Hindi
OST Disney's frozen 2
कुछ है जो बदले ना [Some Things Never Change] (Kuchh hai jo badle naa)Hindi
खुराफ़ात [When I Am Older] (Khuraafaat)Hindi
तू कौन है? [Show Yourself] (Tu kaun hai?)Hindi
प्यार तो है बड़ा प्यारा [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Pyaar toh hai bada pyaaraa (Ditty))Hindi
मैं खो गया हूँ [Lost In The Woods] (Main kho gaya hoon)Hindi
यादों की नदिया [All Is Found] (Yaadon ki nadiya)Hindi
सही एक क़दम [The Next Right Thing] (Sahi ek qadam)Hindi
இங்கே நான், புது ஒளியோடே [Let it Go (snippet)] (Inge naan, pudhu oliyode)Tamil
இழுக்கும் மாயோள் [Into the Unknown] (Izhukkum maayoll)Tamil
சிலது மாறாது [Some Things Never Change] (Siladhu maaraadhu)Tamil
செய்வேன் சரியானதை [The Next Right Thing] (Seiven sariyaanadhai)Tamil
தோன்று நீ [Show Yourself] (Thondru nee)Tamil
நடுக்காட்டுக்குள் நான் [Lost In The Woods] (Nadu kaattukull naan)Tamil
நாட்கள் ஓட ஆர்த்தமாகும் யாவும் [When I Am Older] (Naatkal oda adhigamaagum yaavum)Tamil
மான் மேலே மனிதன் கீழே [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Maan mele manidhan keezhe (ditty))Tamil
வாடை சேரும் பேராழி [All Is Found] (Vaadai serum peraazhi)Tamil
ఇక్క నేఁవుంటా, బావుందా రెళ్ళేతా [Let it Go (snippet)] (Ikka neemvuntaa, baavundaa relleetaa)Telugu
ఇప్పుడంటే చెప్పలేని కాన్ని [When I Am Older] (Ippudante cheppaleni kaani)Telugu
కొన్నే శాశ్వతం [Some Things Never Change] (Konne shashvatham)Telugu
నన్ను వదిలి వెళ్ళావా? [Lost In The Woods] (Nannu vadili vellavaa?)Telugu
నీ మాయ వల్లో [Into the Unknown] (Nee maaya val lo)Telugu
మాయేనా మరి ప్రేమలే? [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Maaye na mari premale? (Ditty))Telugu
రా ఇటు [Show Yourself] (Raa ittu)Telugu
సరే చేస్తా [The Next Right Thing] (Sari chesthaa)Telugu
హంస దీవి తీరాన [All Is Found] (Hamsa dheevi teeraana)Telugu
กลับคืนมา [All is Found] (Glàp keun maa)Tailandese
กวางช่างแสนดียิ่งกว่าคน (ต่อ) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Gwaang châang săen dee yîng gwàa pôo kon (Dtòr))Tailandese
ดินแดนที่ไม่รู้ [Into the Unknown] (Din daen têe mâi róo)Tailandese
ทางไหนไม่รู้ [Lost In The Woods] (Taang năi mâi róo)Tailandese
บางเรื่องไม่เคยเปลี่ยน [Some Things Never Change] (Baang rêuang mâi koie bplìan)Tailandese
สิ่งที่ควร [The Next Right Thing] (Sìng têe kuan)Tailandese
เผยตัวตน [Show Yourself] (Pŏie dtua dton)Tailandese
เมื่อฉันโตขึ้น [When I Am Older] (Mêua chăn dtoh kêun)Tailandese
おとなになったら [When I Am Older] (Otona ni nattara)Giapponese
ずっとかわらないもの [Some Things Never Change] (Zutto kawaranai mono)Giapponese
みせて、あなたを [Show Yourself] (Misete, anata o)Giapponese
わたしにできること [The Next Right Thing] (Watashi ni dekiru koto)Giapponese
トナカイのほうがずっといい [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Tonakai no hou ga zutto ii)Giapponese
下一件事 [The Next Right Thing] (China) (Xià yī jiàn shì)Cinese
做驯鹿比做人更好 [Reindeers are Better Than People (Cont.)] (China) (Zuò xún lù bǐ zuò rén gèng hǎo)Cinese
內心不變樣 [Some Things Never Change] (Noi sam bat bin joeng)Cinese (Cantonese)
冒險過往 [All is Found] (Taiwan) (Màoxiǎn guòwǎng)Cinese
別讓風雪掩蓋愛 [Reindeers are Better than People (Cont.)] (Taiwan) (Bié ràng fēngxuě yǎngài ài)Cinese
別閃躲 [Show Yourself] (Taiwan) (Bié shǎnduǒ)Cinese
向未知探索 [Into the Unknown] (Taiwan) (Xiàng wèizhī tànsuǒ)Cinese
問馴鹿怎麽愛他人 [Reindeers are Better than People (Cont.)] (Man seun luk jam mo oi ta yan)Cinese (Cantonese)
回忆之河 [All is Found] (China) (Huí yì zhī hé)CineseTraduzione
在森林迷路 [Lost in the woods] (China) (Zài sēn lín mí lù)Cinese
寻找真相 [Into the Unknown] (China) (Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng)Cinese
当我长大 [When I Am Older] (China) (Dāng wǒ zhǎng dà)Cinese
循序漸進 [The Next Right Thing] (Taiwan) (Xúnxùjiànjìn)Cinese
心のままに [Into the Unknown] (Kokoro no mama ni)GiapponeseTraduzione
恋の迷い子 [Lost In The Woods] (Koi no mayoigo)Giapponese
想見你 [Show Yourself] (Soeng gin nei)Cinese (Cantonese)
我該哪裡走 [Lost In The Woods] (Ngo goi naa leoi zau)Cinese (Cantonese)
森林迷途 [Lost in the woods] (Taiwan) (Sēnlín mítú)Cinese
永远不会变 [Some Things Never Change] (China) (Yǒngyuǎn bù huì biàn)Cinese
永遠不會變 [Some Things Never Change] (Taiwan) (Yǒngyuǎn bù huì biàn)Cinese
现出真的你 [Show Yourself] (China) (Xiàn chū zhēn de nǐ)Cinese
當我大個仔 [When I am Older] (Dong ngo daai go zai)Cinese (Cantonese)
等我長大 [When I am Older] (Taiwan) (Děng wǒ zhǎng dà)Cinese
重頭改過 [The Next Right Thing] (Cung tau goi gwo)Cinese (Cantonese)
長河盪樣 [All is Found] (Coeng Ho Dong Joeng)Cinese (Cantonese)
魔法の川の子守唄 [All Is Found] (Mahou no kawa no komoriuta)Giapponese
기억의 강 [All Is Found] (Gieoge gang)Coreano
변치 않는 건 [Some Things Never Change] (Byeonchi anneun geon)Coreano
보여줘 [Show Yourself] (Boyeojweo)CoreanoTraduzione
사랑이란 숲에서 길을 잃다 [Lost in the Woods] (Sarang-iran supeseo gireul ilta)Coreano
순록이 사람보다 낫지 (Cont.) [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)] (Sunlog-i salamboda nasji (Cont.))Coreano
숨겨진 세상 [Into the Unknown] (Sumgyeojin sesang)CoreanoTraduzione
어른이 된다는 건 [When I Am Older] (Eoleun-i doendaneun geon)Coreano
해야 할 일 [The Next Right Thing] (Haeya hal il)CoreanoTraduzione
Frozen 2 (OST) ha anche interpretatoTraduzioni
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Frozen (OST)artistaFirst chapter of the movie
воронворон    Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:01

there is no such artist--frozen ost, remove all songs quickly!!

   Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:08

Soundtracks are published as artists on this site, so that their songs are all grouped together and easier to find. Furthermore, the singers are not the only ones who contributed to making these songs.
This also helps to achieve having multiple artists for the same song — by adding them as featuring artists.

воронворон    Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:11

and the moderator, Juan from Portugal, is categorically against it, since he is looting pages, let's loot everything!

воронворон    Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:16

Yes!! he said that evil soundtracks and songs should be on the pages of artists!

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:18

There's a contradiction between your language claims and your written discourse, I often do not understand what you're saying. What do you mean with 'evil soundtracks'?

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:15

Excuse me, I am against it? Do you even know what you are talking about? You were warned two months ago that I would do what I did today, and now you're taking opportunities to harass me and accuse me of things like using so-called religious beliefs to unpublish your content. That makes no sense at all, but as today is a happy day for me I'm trying not to make a big deal of it, but if you insist on accusing me of stuff we'll have issues.

воронворон    Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:19

religion hasn’t been discussed yet, but what are your beliefs?
two months ago, out of respect for your work, I didn’t add songs, I waited for you to come and start "putting things in order"
and now let's delete all the soundtracks - you will lead this movement

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:21

As you asked, I have no religion, so your accusation of me thinking of Lucifer as a bad person and so deleting your page has absolutely no grounds Regular smile

And you and your new found friend have not understood what I've been saying, so you're making a big fuss of something.

воронворон    Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:23

we really liked you, we decided to help you delete soundtracks

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mer, 13/11/2019 - 21:26

And I got bored, so I'm reporting the issue for the Admins and other Mods to speak their minds. Regular smile

Waran4ikWaran4ik    Lun, 25/11/2019 - 14:28

Смешались в кучу люди, кони... Frozen 1, Frozen 2... Куда Моды смотрят?

Waran4ikWaran4ik    Lun, 25/11/2019 - 14:43

OST Frozen 2 содержит только 11 композиций, все остальное - переводы с оригинала. А тут что развели?

1 All Is Found
2 Some Things Never Change
3 Into the Unknown
4 When I Am Older
5 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
6 Lost in the Woods
7 Show Yourself
8 The Next Right Thing
9 Into the Unknown
10 All Is Found
11 Lost in the Woods

   Lun, 25/11/2019 - 17:43

1 - The songs from the first Frozen are not part of this page, they have been added as “Also performed”.

2 - This page is meant to contain the original English versions of the songs, plus all the official dubbed versions. They are not translations by LyricsTranslate users, they're the official versions in languages other than English.
All OST pages on LyricsTranslate which exist in multiple languages are published like this.

(I don't speak Russian — I used Google Translate, sorry if I misunderstood your comments)

Waran4ikWaran4ik    Mar, 26/11/2019 - 04:51

Also executed... - they are not performed in Frozen 2. So you don't have to shove they in here.

The official versions, as you say, are the official translations from the original English version. Well, you want to breed a pigsty from different versions, you breed.

   Mar, 26/11/2019 - 07:55

They are only the Let It Go song, of which a part is present in Frozen 2.

The official dubbings are translations of songs, therefore not literal translations, so they don't have the same meanings. For that reason they are published here, as it has always happened on this website for OSTs.

Waran4ikWaran4ik    Mar, 26/11/2019 - 08:07

Lyric translation is a translation with preservation of the size of the song. So of course the translation can not be literal. But the translation can be sung.

There is no Let It Go in OST Frozen 2.

   Mar, 26/11/2019 - 13:14

Original dubbings have soundtracks, too. As I previously said, on Lyrics Translate it's usual to put them all in the same artist page.
There is a line of Let It Go in the movie.

JordanYTJordanYT    Sab, 01/08/2020 - 20:34

Um, why are Frozen (2013) songs related here?

Don JuanDon Juan
   Sab, 01/08/2020 - 21:17

I may be wrong, but I think a snippet of those songs, specially 'Let It Go', are played in the second movie. Better than readding all the versions of that song here.

Anna Elsa J.Anna Elsa J.    Sab, 01/08/2020 - 22:41

I think the same, as you can hear a snippet of 'Let It Go' in Frozen 2... The only problem that remains is when there's a dub from a given language/dialect or just a new dubs studio, that doesn't have its full 'Let It Go' counterpart...

   Sab, 01/08/2020 - 23:03

Then the best thing would probably be to add it here as "Let It Go (<name of language & dubbing studio> Snippet)"

   Mar, 27/10/2020 - 18:32

Hi, hey Disney released a new "short" about Olaf, and in that "short" the song "Let it go" appears.
I'm not sure if there are songs in that "short", but in the same way it will be necessary to place "Once Upon a Snowman (OST)" in also perfonmanced by or it is not necessary?

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mar, 27/10/2020 - 18:36

If this new short has original songs performed in it, then it needs a standalone page for itself. If that's the case, yes, we would need to link the songs into it via Also performed by.

   Mar, 27/10/2020 - 19:33

And in case it didn't have songs, wouldn't it be necessary?

JordanYTJordanYT    Mar, 27/10/2020 - 22:44

Well I saw the short film and It didn't feature any new song but if it gets a new dubbing like: in Persian or Albanian then we would probably add a site for the short

Don JuanDon Juan
   Mar, 27/10/2020 - 23:32

I agree. So, best is not adding it at the moment.

Anna Elsa J.Anna Elsa J.    Mer, 28/10/2020 - 08:51

Well, right now it's only on Disney+, so it doesn't have any "newcomer" dubs, but if that changes we'll need that page, we just have to wait and see how things turn out later.

JordanYTJordanYT    Sab, 02/01/2021 - 03:04

Yupiii, this is amazing, we finally managed to write all the lyrics for all the songs of all dubbings worldwide for this film after 1 and a half years (A Malay dubbing is not made yet and i dunno if the amount of persian dubs count here as well as they're not officials), good job everyone

Special thanks to:

[@Anna Elsa J.]
[@Eagles Hunter]
[@Ivan U7n]
[@M de Vega]
[@Kieran Lee]
[@Κωνσταντίνα Τζίφα]
[@The awkward one]
[@Pink and Pink sweater]
[@Emilija Bagdonaitė]
[@Ahmad aziz]
[@Alma Barroca]
[@David Elci]
[@Anastasiia Zakala]
[@Kiều Tấn Quốc]

And obviously me and all of the people from YT who wrote the lyrics and we added them here Wink smile

Wow, now knowing that this OST is completed, what about completing the other OST pages of this franchise:

Frozen (2013 OST):

Frozen Fever:

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (currently working on adding all missing Lyric requests):

Huge thanks everyone who collaborated in this page and happy new year, let's hope that everything we see in this new year will be awesome and good for everyone, maybe last year wasn't as good as we expected it to be but we still managed to make great memories and smile through hard times Regular smile

JordanYTJordanYT    Sab, 02/01/2021 - 03:41

I already did this with F1 and I see no problem with it, except I won't be able to find all dubbings tho Confused smile

Don JuanDon Juan
   Sab, 02/01/2021 - 19:38

You're welcome, glad I helped. I was going to translate of the Portuguese songs into other languages, but it seems most of them already were (at least into the languages I speak).

NeomtNeomt    Dom, 03/01/2021 - 09:26

Great! The Persian studios which dubbed this movie and its songs are:
Unique, Alpha media, Qualima, Avazheh and Goonishfilm. I added Avazheh's dubs today. So as far as I know, all the Persian dubs have been added👍.

JordanYTJordanYT    Ven, 08/01/2021 - 14:43

[@ahmad aziz] Great job!, can you try giving thw lyrics to all songs from F1, only 3 of the four studios that worked in it dubbed the songs, I already listed all lyric requests and posted all missing versions for these dubbings Teeth smile

NeomtNeomt    Ven, 08/01/2021 - 15:26

Yes, I'll work on it as soon as I get a chance.

Виктор БулатовВиктор Булатов    Dom, 03/01/2021 - 15:45

I see that some songs from this page were moved to "Non/Disney FanDubs". I understand the rationale for this, but why was "Also Performed by - Frozen 2 OST" removed? It makes it much harder to find such fan dubs, in my opinion.

Anna Elsa J.Anna Elsa J.    Lun, 04/01/2021 - 12:36

It makes them harder to find, but putting fandubs here would make this page full, for example at the moment Into the Unknown has 60 fandubs added - that's a lot, and it'd make this already lengthy page even longer, while most people wouldn't look for fandubs anyway, so it was removed.

JordanYTJordanYT    Mar, 23/02/2021 - 16:30


There's still a chance that a Malay dub of F2 will be made soon Wink smile

Now there's an Abkhaz dub that was made in 2020 Teeth smile

   Dom, 14/03/2021 - 19:34

The Instagram page of Glorytoon studio has revealed that they will release soon the Glory dub of Frozen II  Teeth smile

By the way, a new persian dub (by Kohanava) has been released recently.

It brings to 9, the number of Persian dubs:

Alpha Media/Omega
Avazheh/Karan Movies

JordanYTJordanYT    Lun, 15/03/2021 - 04:37

I know that too :D, and now there's an Abkhaz dub of Frozen 2 that is only available in an Abkhaz TV streaming service called @Systema.provider
(They are also dubbing more films in Abkhaz too :D)

Wow so many Persian dubs.