Gradusy - Golaya (Голая) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


I like it when you walk naked in the appartment
And clearly turn me on,
I like it when you loudly laugh —
Day or night, it doesn't matter — I like it !
I like it when we watch movies together,
Even if they're stupid. And even in my sleep
I like that you pulled off my blanket
And I found myself in a draft. But I...
Don't care if I fall sick,
I'll be able to apply the cupping glasses on my back myself,
And, damn, I don't need anyone,
If only you walk naked next to me,
I'll never get bored with you!
I'll even discover a planet in your honor,
But for now you'll dream about it,
I'll make a huge pizza for you.
I like kissing you in the back row,
And don't even think about changing,
I like that can argue for at most five minutes,
And resent each other for only two minutes,
I like not noticing the distances,
When we want it so much, I like it.
I like it with you in the kitchen and in the bathroom,
And even falling down from the couch. But I...
Like it when you and I spend a whole day without going out,
I want you anyway, I'm gonna "speak" you all night !
I like it, even if it'll stay with exacerbations,
May every new day be off its feet with feelings. But I...
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Golaya (Голая)

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astrelle    Sab, 11/06/2011 - 07:12

You missed a "t" in the "planet"