Hämeentie (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in IngleseInglese


At that time were in fashion
Short skirts and over the knee socks
Hair on a ponytail I smiled
In the dusty sunshine of Hämeentie*
At the boys who pleased me
Bossa nova played softly
We did things we assumed were a part of adulthood
Integral-calculations, arrogance, cultural history
We drank whiskey
Were cruel to each other
We yelled at Prague's railway station
The war began in those parts of Yugoslavia
The names of which we had studied
Just for fun
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
It's hard to say who suffered the most
Back then I thought: this is a piece of cake
At most, I had a hunch
Often rival-proposers get more attached to each other than the girl
It was all supposed to be only the beginning
But has love ever after that hurt as much
Those were the happy days
None of us could see what was ahead of us
Because at noon the sun of Hämeentie
Blinds you brightly and directly
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*Hämeentie is a road in Helsinki



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