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Heimweh nach Heimat (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Bettina Wegner
  • Canzone: Heimweh nach Heimat Album: Heimweh nach Heimat (1985)
traduzione in IngleseInglese

Homesick for Home

No sound ringing anymore
My voice shatters
Everything clean and cold
Thus sentiment becomes violence.
Money is everything that counts
And the Change has been voted for.
All the streets are alien
There is no house where I'm known
I'm homesick
For home
Wherever that may be
And the words of Strauß1
And the "Foreigners out".
Every Turk one too many
No asylum for them.
"Go over to the other side, you pig"
Says a man who is drunk
Swastika on the wall
A stone in my hand
I'm homesick
For home
Wherever that may be
Surrounded by missiles
Dead rain falling down
And with angelic patience
We build up more debt
And no room for warmth.
I'm scared, even in my dreams
I have a yearning, want to go away
And yet I don't know a place
I'm just homesick
For home
Wherever that may be.
Wherever that may be.
Where may it be?
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Heimweh nach Heimat

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