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愚かな人間よ 聖者を 殺め
罪無き 物の 裁きを 望む
無慈悲な 神は 骸に 坐して
羽を広げて 微笑む
手招く 終いの闇
炎の中 息を絶やさず
願いは届かずに すべて焼き尽くす
この世界は いつか変えられると
嘘と 欺瞞 何も救われ無い
ひとつ ふたつ 灯火は消えた
無垢な心はまた 影に蝕まれ
孤独の底 何も守れず
夜の檻にまた 閉ざされた
遠く 見つめ
『穢れた空が ほら、堕ちてく……』
何が正義なのかと 罪は 繰り返されて
過去も 夢も すべて
響く 聲きこえても
紡ぐ 未来がみえない
私も いつから 見失い
終わりがあるのなら いつの日か
罪の深きものよ 神よ
やがて 夜に飲まれて
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Furigana system:
Line 1: 人間 pronounced もの
Line 2: 骸 pronounced むくろ and 坐 pronounced ざ
Line 6: 傍 pronounced そば
Line 7: 終 pronounced つ
Line 9: 炎 pronounced ほむら
Line 16: 欺瞞 pronounced ぎまん
Line 17: 灯火 pronounced いのち
Line 18: 無垢 pronounced むく and 蝕 pronounced 無垢"; "むしば
Line 21: 檻 pronounced おり
Line 30: 聲 pronounced こえ
Line 31: 未来 pronounced さき

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Stupid human, kill the saints
Who wishes judgement for unsinful ones
Is the ruthless God seating over bones
Waiting and counting down the days
Open your wings and smile
Even now in the verge of the death
Beckoning the darkness of the end
I hold my breath and understand
And let my breath out surrounded by fire
As everything burns out and my wish isn't fulfilled
I'll become a human
Right now
This world keeps changing over and over
And even if we keep trusting
Lies, deceptions, nothing will save us from them
First one, then two, the fire of their lives vanishes
A pure heart is once again eclipsed by the shadows
In the depths of loneliness, there's nothing to protect
Just flying in a dream
Then at night the cage closes again
Far away, I can see
That gentle smile
"The defiled heaven will now fall apart..."
What in the world is the justice? Crimes and sins keep repeating
I will follow the same path once more
Now they are linked
With bloodstained chains
The past, the dreams, everything
Although I hear a resounding voice
I can't see beyond the threading future
For how long have I lost sight of it?
My end will be already there, it will come someday
Sinful creature, my God
Wipe away all the darkness
I beg you
Before long I'll sink in the night
I will also turn into that witch...
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It was hard for me :'y I hope you find it useful. Feel free to correct, add or make some feedback, I really appreciate it!

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