Hijo de la Luna (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Child Of The Moon

Whoever fails to understand is a fool
The legend tells
That a gypsy woman
Conjured the moon until dawn
Crying, she would ask
To marry a gypsy
When the day arrived
"You will have your dark-skinned man"
From the sky spoke the full moon
"But in return I want
The firstborn son
You give birth to
Because whoever sacrifices their child
In order not to be alone
Wouldn't love him very much"
Moon, you want to become a mother
But you can't find who to love
That could make you a woman
Tell me, silver Moon,
What are you going to do
With a child made of flesh
Child of the Moon
From a cinnamon-skinned man was born a baby
White as the back of an ermine,
With gray eyes
Instead of olive
An albino child of the moon
"Damn you!
This child is not a gypsy
And I won't be silent about it!"
The gypsy man, believing he was dishonored
Went to his wife, knife in hand
"Whose is this child?
You must have cheated on me!"
And he wounded her to death
Then he went to the scrubland
With the child in his arms
And he forsook it there
And at when in the night the moon is full
It means that the child is in a good mood
And if he cries,
Then the moon shall wane
To serve as a cradle
And if he cries,
The moon shall wane
To serve as a cradle
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Hijo de la Luna

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