Momus - Hippopotamomus (traduzione in Francese)

traduzione in Francese


Je viens de la jungle
De Popocatépetl
Chef du clan
Mais quand ce foutu volcan
A anéanti mes semblables
J'ai été le seul à m'en tirer
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
On se roulait dans la boue
Au fond du lit de la rivière
On était gras comme des loches
Et on n’aimait que des trucs dégueu
On se dégottait des truffes
Puis les chiait dans la forêt
Auprès des tombes fabuleuses des rois Aztèques
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Un jour que je tringlais tranquillement à l’ombre du Popocatépetl
Le volcan s’est mis à pomper du métal liquide
Un flot de lave fumant a fait éruption comme à Pompéi
Et m’a soudé à jamais à l’hippopotame que je baisais ce jour-là
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Et puis une équipe de scientifiques à la con nous ont balancés dans une caisse
L’ont bourrée de paille puis nous ont envoyés, ma femelle et moi
Au musée d’histoire naturelle, où entre deux chameaux empaillés
Ils nous ont foutus dans une vitrine avec une pancarte ‘Mammifères Artiodactyles copulants’
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-hip Hippopota- Hippopota-
Pop-pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl Popocatépetl pop
Hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop-pop Popocaté-
Pop-pop Popocatepétl
Alors, viens te coller le nez contre la vitrine de l’Hippopotomomus
Petite écolière souple et frétillante, qui m’envoie des baisers, me fait de l'œil
À ricaner de mon désir sans te douter une seconde
Que dans pas longtemps tu te retrouveras dans la même situation
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
Pop-pop-pop Popocatépetl
Hip-hip-hip Hippopotamomus
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petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 14:33

Hahaha that's fun !

Just a few suggestions for a bit more flavour :

the filthy great volcano -> "ce foutu volcan" ("grand" would rather weaken the punch, I think)

J’étais le seul individu à survivre -> The imparfait is off (that's a single occurence).
"j'ai été le seul à m'en tirer" or something like that

On s’est roulés dans la boue -> here the imparfait is in order (that's what they used to do)

Were monster fat -> (on était) gras comme des loches (that's a somewhat funny fixed expression. A "loche" is a kind of big slug)

des choses dégoutantes -> des trucs dégueu (shortening of "dégueulasse", quite common for food or a disgusting sight : "les huîtres je trouve ça dégueu", "regarde-moi ce vieux clodo tout dégueu")

On a fouillé pour des truffes -> imparfait again, and if you want some argot "on se dégottait des truffes"

Then shat them out in the forest -> that's a bit harsh Regular smile
"pour poser des bouses dans la forêt" if you want to keep a light funny tone

des tombes fabuleux -> fabuleuses

Un jour alors que je tringlais -> OK, but "un jour que je tringlais tranquillement à l'ombre..." would sound a bit funnier

pomper du métal chaud et liquide -> I would drop the "chaud et", snappiness is more efficient

comme Pompéi -> "comme à Pompéi" (For the volcano, you'd say "comme le Vésuve", but for the town you need to say "like *in* Pompei")

Et m’a collé à jamais à l’hippopotame que je baissais ce jour-là -> "baisais" (lowering down an hippo would be no small feat)
maybe "souder" instead of "coller" too
a possible variant "à l'hippopotame que j'étais en train de sauter"

scientifiques ennuyeux -> I'd swap boring with "à la con", just for the fun of it

une casse -> that typo turned the crate into a scrapyard Regular smile

L’ont bourré -> past participle again (la caisse)

fichés dans une casse étiquetée -> what's with this scrapyard, already?
"fiché" could mean "stuck" (like an arrow into a target) or "on a (police) record". When "ficher" is used as an expletive for "foutre", the past participle is "fichu" (mimicking "foutu"). However, it's a bit too mild for the general tone. I'd rather use "foutre" here.
"foutus dans une vitrine avec une pancarte..."

copulant -> gerund as adjective here, so you need an 's'

la verre de la casse -> just "la vitrine"

fait des yeux -> "fait de l’œil"

Si insouciante tu ignores pendant que tu ricanes à mon désir
Que tu seras dans cette position sous peu -> that's hard to render in a funny way. Many variants are possible.
"à ricaner sans te douter une seconde que dans pas longtemps tu te retrouveras dans la même situation"

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:21

Great thanks! I'd actually picked up a couple of my sillier errors in the meantime but there's still plenty for me to work through there. Regular smile

couple of questions before I get stuck in:
I had some doubts about using 'chier' - not due to its harshness, "shat" is very harsh anyway. More that I wasn't sure it could be used transitively like that?

Do you mean drop both words "chaud et" or just the "et"? he does say "hot" in the English but I guess it's pretty apparent it was hot. Regular smile

Yeah I fixed my "casses" oops!

I went with 'ficher' as I'd ulready used "foutre" once - are there any other good alternatives?

des trucs degueu - does that not take an 's'? Possibly not as it's a shortened word?

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 12:52

"chier" is transitive alright. "(en) chier des briques" is just like "shitting bricks", for instance.
However, I'd say less is more when you want French to sound funny. Too many harsh words and it will just sound gross.

I meant "chaud et" as a whole. It sounds good in English, but not so in French. And as you said it's there more for effect than for semantics.

"fichu" is a bit out of tone, like saying "danged" or "darned" instead of "damned" all of a sudden. I don't find the repetition of "foutu" annoying, it's a very common word in casual French, like "bloody" or "damned" in English.
Still if you want alternatives : "[caisse] à la con" (but that's already used for the scientists) "[caisse] à deux balles", "[caisse] pourrie", "putain de..." (a bit strong maybe), "saloperie de..."

Maybe you could use "putain/saloperie de volcan" at the start to free up "foutu" Regular smile

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:17

Ok cool - I think Ive addressed most of it.

I think it's worth keeping the chier though - although I do like the alternative. It's just that it is jarring in English too - the "shat" and "fucking" really do jump out of the song and slap you in the face.

I wasn't quite sure if the "crado" i attached to the volcano should stay or not. And I tried to keep in the ät my lust" near the end. Does it work?

ps - it was more the "foutus dans une caisse/foutus dans une vitrine" that seemed a little be too close together. What do you think?

Natur Provence    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:11

petit remarque additionelle:
Était gras comme des loches
Et n’aimait que des trucs dégueu
Ces verbes devraient être au pluriel, non?

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:15

Ah - j'utilisais 'on' pour être plus informel. Mais je pourrais utiliser 'nous' si ça va mieux?

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:30

Non non, "on" c'est parfait pour le ton un peu blasé de l'hippopotame Regular smile

Même si le sens de "on" est un pluriel, grammaticalement c'est toujours la 3ème personne du singulier (comme "il" ou "elle").

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:24

"crado" doesn't work that well here, it's more used to describe something filthy in the litteral sense. "il est vraiment crado, ce rade" (this joint is really filthy)

le seul individu -> sounds a bit redundant. "le seul" is pretty strong already (like "the only one individual")

Était gras comme des loches -> either "On était..." or nothing at all.
The way you avoid repeating half of the words is suited for a more literary register, but here an informal tone works much better.

Et n’aimait -> "et on aimait que..." (same as above)

dégoutait -> dégottait ("dégoter" is like "scrounge up").
"on se dégoûtait des truffes" would mean "we put ourselves off truffles" (with "des truffes" as "from truffles"), which could work in a sense (pig out on truffles), but sounds more odd than funny.

les a chiés dans le -> puis les chiait dans la (always the imparfait for "used to...", and a typo on "la forêt")

ont foutus dans une caisse -> OK sorry, I had missed this occurrence of "foutus". I see now why you wanted to avoid the repetition.
"balancés" would work fine here
Also "collés dans une vitrine" if you want an alternative to "foutu" 3 lines below.

Yep, your variant works pretty well too Regular smile

à mon desir -> de mon désir
rétrouveras -> retrouveras

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 13:45

Ok - think I've got it now! Regular smile

I'm happy with the second of those two foutus - losing the first one balances is up nicely I think.

I spotted degoûtait - that was my spell check trying to be helpful. Wink smile
See what you mean - it would be quite a good line in it's own right. More like on "s'empiffrait"

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 14:20

Yup, pretty good!

Yes, "s'empiffrait avec des.." or "se gavait de.." would work fine indeed.

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 15:31

gaver - that's what one does to geese and ducks yes? Regular smile

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 15:27

yep, exactly. Like "stuff yourself with...", though "se farcir" rather means the same as "se taper" (endure an unpleasant situation / face an unpleasant person)

petit élève    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 14:36

Making French sound funny is really difficult, so this deserves a special praise.

Gavin    Gio, 19/10/2017 - 14:43

Thanks! I think I'll try a few more from this album Teeth smile