Ricardo Arjona - Historia del taxista (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Story of a Taxi Driver

It was ten in the evening as I piloted my ship
My taxi was a '68 Volkswagen
It was one of those bad days with no fares
The sequins of an outfit hailing me to pull-over
She was a gorgeous blonde, wearing a miniskirt
Her backline plunging down to that "sweet spot"
A black tear rolled down her cheek while the rear-view mirror
said, "Check-out those legs!" ... I saw a little more [than that]...
It was ten-forty, as I cruised along Reforma
She said, "My name is Norma," as she crossed her legs
She pulled out a cigarette, the strange kind
...the ones that make you laugh
I rushed to offer her a light, my hand trembling
I asked, "Who're you crying over?" She said, "a guy
who thinks for being rich he can come and cheat on me"
"Don't fall for [who end-up as] lovers; you have to pick yourself up," I told her
"Count on the man right here, if revenge is what you want," and she smiled
"What's a taxi driver doing seducing life?
What's a taxi driver doing creating strife?
What's a taxi driver doing in front of someone's wife?
What's a taxi driver doing with his dreams of bedroom delight?" I wondered
"I saw him hugging and kissing a girl of modest means
She's from a very simple class, judging from her appearance"
She smiled at me in the mirror, sitting to one side
I was stupefied, with the [rear-view] mirror all steamed up
She said, "Turn at the corner; we'll go to my house
After a couple of tequilas, we'll see what happens"
Why describe what we did there on the rug
...if, suffice to say, even shadows I kissed
and a bit more than that...
"Don't feel so alone; I suffer, though not the same
Between my wife and my hours, an abyss has been opened
How people suffer on both sides of the class divide!
You suffer in your mansion; I suffer in the slums"
She said, "Come with me; let him know I'm not alone"
She put her hair in a ponytail; we went to the bar where they were at
Just as we entered, he hugged a young lady
How great is destiny, and how small is this city!
It was my woman...
"What's a taxi driver doing seducing life?
What's a taxi driver doing creating strife?
What is a taxi driver to do when a gentleman's plans coincide with those of his wife, regarding time of day and attention to detail," I wondered
Since that night, they've played the cheating game on us:
they see each other in the same bar...and the blonde always hails the taxi at ten in the same place...
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Historia del taxista

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