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Huh Gak
Huh Gak testi delle collaborazioniTraduzioni
Angel’s Last Mission: Love (OST) - Because Of YouInglese, Coreano
Angel's Last Mission: Love OST Part 4
Jung Eun Ji - Break Up To Make Up (이제 그만 싸우자)Coreanovideo
A Cube For Season #Sky Blue (2014)
Clean with Passion for Now - CosmosCoreanovideo
Clean with Passion for Now Part 8
The Undateables OST - If It's Not YouCoreanovideo
훈남정음 OST Part 4
Liver or Die OST - Memories (추억 한 줌)Coreanovideo
Liver or Die (왜그래 풍상씨) OST Part 6
G.NA - Mind Sync (같은 생각)Coreanovideo
Beautiful Kisses
Andante (OST) - Since I Met You (그댈 만난 이후로)Coreanovideo
Andante (안단테) OST PART.1
Jung In - 동네술집Coreanovideo
United Cube - 크리스마스 노래(Christmas Song)Coreanovideo
Christmas Song (2013)
Huh Gak interpretata anche daTraduzioni
VROMANCE - Already Winter (벌써 겨울)Coreanovideo
벌써 겨울
Eco - Happy Me (행복한 나를)Coreanovideo
Voice Of Eco (1997)
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