Anssi Kela - Huuto (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


The five years following military service
drained down the men's room sewer in the bar
Each pint I drunk
Was gas thrown on a fire
I always told I'll leave
this troll forest behind me as soon as I can
Yet I stayed by my ring of people
Holding seven-highs
I saw myself as too big a fish for this muddy pond
I threatened to walk away
Face resting on the bar counter
I was full of holy anger
A missile without its target
I had my chest tattooed: head of Aake Kalliala
It doesn't make me laugh anymore
Ah, boy from mining village is yelling
Ah, boy from mining village is yelling
It's simply impossible to make your voice heard
It gets overshadowed in the buzzing of millions alike
The doorbell through hangover,
It roared like a foghorn
At the doorstep stood an angel
A beautiful postal carrier
I courted her, I coaxed her
I turned my life upside down
My relentlessness was rewarded
The wedding march was 'Paranoid'
It's been five years now
A boy from little village finally settled down
Happiness was found after all
From closer than I expected
I went to work at the mining site
Now I'm everything I despised before
Last year I built
a house right next to the forest
There's decades worth of debt awaiting
At work rumours go around: they might reduce workforce
And wife is about to have baby
We fall asleep next to each other
I don't know what I'd do without you
Or actually, yes I do
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