Don Huonot - Hyvää yötä ja huomenta (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Good night and good morning

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Stay for tonight,
Seems something is keeping you here
- bulletproof hearts
are yet to be invented
If you are carrying
The biggest dream with you
Only this moment remains
And only what you do now
is important
Good night and good morning now
Later, you'll have the time to sleep
The hours, 24 of them
are wishing you lots of luck
Good night good morning, now
Just don't give up, not just yet
Everything does have its price
But nothing is yet impossible
You know when they say,
"no, you cannot bring back the past"
or "it is not worth it"
"to lie in the ground"
"waiting for the coming?"
If there's someone you know
Who you really care for
Well, hang on to them
Just don't listen to those cynics, no
Bulletproof hearts
are yet to be invented
No sense being afraid of a shot
For loneliness will
carve the same hole in you
Postato da savolai Mer, 10/08/2011 - 15:17
Commenti dell’autore:

The translation that is here already by bgt is fairly good. The approach in mine is slightly different: this is intended to be suitable for singing with the original melody, so I tried to retain as much of the rhythm as possible from the original


Hyvää yötä ja huomenta

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