Ich liebe dich (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

I love you

I call you
tell me, do you hear me?
I want to tell you
what I feel
without you
I think about you
I yearn
I know I can never forget you
I need your warmth
let me in your arms
I can give you everything
you are the happiness, my life
I love you
don´t you know it?
These are the words from
the bottom of my heart
You are so much
the sense, my aim
the answer to my whole life
I think about you
very much about you
all my dreams
I have dreamed only for you
I love you
and always you
These are the words from
the bottom of my heart
I love you
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Ich liebe dich

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Flopsi    Mer, 15/08/2018 - 02:13

you are the luck, my life
How about: "you are happiness, my life"

dem tiefsten Grund in mir - this is not Grund meaning reason!
- from the bottom (of my heart)

I think about you
very tight about you
- I don't think there's a translation for thinking about someone "ganz feste" and I've never heard someone to think very tight. I think "with all of my heart" would fit better.