Behind the curtain

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Meanings of "Behind the curtain"


A term likely originating from stage theatre, to look "behind the curtain" or "behind the scenes" means to gain an insight into how something works/operates beyond what is normally presented to outsiders.

A popular example of its use would be Frank Morgan's portrayal of the Wizard of Oz in the 1939 movie of the same name; "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!". By saying this, he's trying - unsuccessfully - to persuade Dorothy and her companions to ignore how the spectacle of the Wizard is actually created; to ignore that the magical wish-granting Wizard is just a man operating an array of special effects.

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πίσω από την κουρτίνα

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“Behind the curtain” nei testi

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Does anybody know what we are looking for?
Another hero, another mindless crime
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
Hold the line

Eve (Japan) - Dramaturgy

Headshot these noisy thoughts.
Shoot out that beating heart.
Tug on the line you can’t see, and the man behind the curtain appears.

Eva Grace - Always Be A Fan

You can make believe that you’re the bigger person
Pretend you’re not talking shit online with your friends
Tweets and receipts won’t stay behind the curtain
You think you won ‘cause you got the man

Omar Khayyam - Nor you nor I can read the etern decree

Eternal secrets are not for you and me to share
Cryptic letters are not for you and me to read.
Behind the curtain there is a muffled discussion of you and me,
And when the curtain falls, there will be no longer a you or I.

Caramell - Ooa Hela Natten

Firmly seated on the branch
Both feet tightly bound
I'm dizzy, I'm swooning, I see you behind the curtain

Mashrou’ Leila - Bomb

The key is in the car
Stuff the corpse in the trunk
There's a martyr behind the curtain
Who wants to monopolize the market

Leonard Cohen - Going Home

Without my burden
Going home
Behind the curtain
Going home

TVORCHI - Hidden Code


Behind the curtain
Pulling the strings

Die Toten Hosen - This Is The Moment

We stand behind the stage, gather in a circle
Now it's time, we're ready too,
We're here behind the curtain, hear how you sing
Linkin's playing in the Park, we're playing on the Ring!1

  • 1. (Linkin Park, get it?) These are two simultaneous rock festivals in Nuremburg, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring (link below). Ringstrasse is the usual name for a street that runs in a circle around the downtown of a German city, often where the medieval city wall once was.

MISAMO - Behind The Curtain

Ladies and gents
Let’s show something to amazing you know
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You are mine, you can’t break free anymore

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - The Song of Hiawatha

Was it not to see the maiden,
See the face of Laughing Water
Peeping from behind the curtain,
Hear the rustling of her garments

Shahin Najafi - When

When homeland was "Cyrus"1, Chelo Kabab2, and nostalgia
When, when this was going on
Someone from behind the curtain was giving us the finger

  • 1. Cyrus the Great (576 BC–530 BC), the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.
  • 2. Chelo Kabab is a popular Persian cuisine.

Mónica Naranjo - Europe

An aria of love!
While they applaud behind the curtain,
You die at dusk, old Europe:

Lady Gaga - Aura

Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?
Behind the aura, behind the curtain, behind the burqa

Noize MC - In the darkness

Growing up like right into the spine -
It is hurts in the morning and in the night.
I hide solid belms behind the curtain in the afternoon
I am singing lullabies for my devils

inabakumori - Linear Regression Back to You

Where the only extracurricular I need is to find myself

The time where I had the leeway to jeer from behind the curtain
Has long since passed


The gears are always churning so just turn another page
Whoever said that work should be impervious to play
Never learned to peek behind the curtain of the games
A curious community is spinning the globe

Le Groupe Swing - Face to Face

Day after day, you create chaos
And from up there, all is beautiful
But behind the curtain, you're not well in your skin
The more you do your show, the more you want your dose

Yama - Like some other movie

The ambiguous reality and-

We, who are just crying, stuck behind the curtain,
We are simply carrying on according to the fixed script

Petter - Logical

I constantly work and barely give them any notice1
I mostly think about money and my own progress
but I sometimes see the truth behind the curtain2
that's when I hate myself, because I'm pathetic

  • 1. "knappast tid med dem" may be a bit more towards "barely give them any time" as in not spending time with them, just felt that I'd repeat myself so didn't write that; BUT what I wrote is still implied through the lyrics so it's fine ^^
  • 2. "bakom ridån" = behind the scenes, more or less. Can mean that he sometimes sees reality from outside his 'artist life/bubble' and realise how 'off' his sense of reality is and how iffy his justification for what he does really is. BUT that's a subjective view and might not at all be what he means, just my five pennies worth ^.^